Finnish representative of Eurovision 1963 Laila Halme has passed away.

Laila Halme was born on 4th March 1934 and she passed away on 28th November 2021. She passed away at the wonderful age of 87.

News broke after Laila’s youngest son, Jussi Halme broke the news to the world.

”Mom got next to her father,There is only one mother,and now she is gone.I also went so see her often last week.The pain and fatigue took the mother’s general condition down.Mom just got tired and had slept away the night between Saturday and Sunday”.

Laila Halme (ex Kinnunen) was born in Jääski, Finland in 1934 and she was the daughter of an evacuated family. Music in her family comes from her father.

Laila Halme married Seppo Halme who worked in the sales industry and they have 2 sons Jussi and Jouni Halme. She also leaves 3 grandchildren that one of Jussi Halme’s sons who is also a rising rap artist and musician.

Laila Halme first musical career breakthrough was from her 1st album was in 1960 with the song ”Kitara ja meri -kappaleella” (Eng: Guitar and the Sea). She became the brightest female star of her time, Laila Kinnunen moved to Sweden and Halme became a soloist of her orchestra. Orchestra was conducted by Olli Hame.

Her fame to the world was known when she participated in the Finnish national selection 1963 where she was part of a controversial incident of the time where Marjatta Leppanen performed the song ”Muistojeni Laulu” and won the contest but Finnish broadcaster YLE decided to send Laila Halme with the song ”Muistojeni Laulu”.

After Eurovision, she rose to Finnish musical charts in Summer 1963 with the song ‘‘Tuuli viedä saa”.(Eng The wind can take you)

In 1987 Laila Halme and Lasse Marteson wrote the song ”Katsot yötä tummaa” which was composed by Laila’s son Jussi Halme which was performed by Jussi in Euroviisut 1990 (Finnish pre-selection to represent Finland at Eurovision 1990)

Laila Halme had 2 cerebral infractions and that caused her ability to speak of exercise, she spent her last days on earth in a nursing home.

ESCBEAT Team feels sorry for the loss of a music legend.
Our thoughts are with her family.
Laima Halme will always have a place in our hearts.

I am orginally from Latvia but now live in Ireland.I been Eurovison fan since 2006.My huge intrest is to travel,music and cooking. Currently studiying graphical design

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