Eurovision 2022: Una voce per San Marino Emerging Acts audition qualifiers revealed

Its been announced that 84 acts have been shortlisted to go through to the casting round for the ”Emerging Artists” category for San Marino national selection ”Una voce per San Marino”. Casting Round is set to be held between 13th December 2021 till 15th December 2021 at the Teatro Titano.

Over 200 submissions have been sent into ‘Emerging Artists’ category from over the world. Finalists who qualified from auditions will be invited to attend an academy at the Teatro Titano in San Marino City from 13th December 2021 till 19th December 2021 and from 5th January 2022 to 11th January 2022. The academy will act as preliminary castings.

In February 2022 series of semi-finals and finals will decide which of 9 acts will move forward to the Grand Final. The Emerging artists classified in the top 3 will receive cash prizes.

Grand Final will take place on 19th February 2022 in the Teatro Nuovo in Dogana.18 artists will participate in the final (9 from Emerging artists and 9 from Big Artists). The jury will decide the winner,2nd place and 3rd place.

Let’s meet the audition acts

Casting on 13th December 2021:

The Sidèra
Rosario Bottone
Diego Federico
Giada Pintori
Carlo Audino
Jacob Simpson

Marvin Schories
Pascale Filomena Pia
March. & Kiera Chaplin
Stefan Varga
Camille Cabaltera
Giovanni & Tinashe
Andrea Rutigliano
Alessandro Stocco
Susanna Reppucci
Pietro Peloso
Juri Mattia
Joe Romano & TheStolenClipper
Christopher Grevener
Giuseppe Meca
Aaron Sibley
Jack Marsina & Sara De Blue
Leandro Aponte
Manuel Piccoli
Myky Petillo
Rosario Bottone

Vanja Vatle
Secondo e Rosanna duo
Vanessa Semprini
Jessica Anne Condon
Theodor Xir
Alessandra Simone
Luca Cima

Hayley Foster
Gisele Abramoff
Carlo Audino
Silvia Cialona
Nanowar Of Steel
Mattia Di Bernardo

Casting on 14th December 2021:

Sara Ricci
Florent Amare
Charles Onyeabor
Williams Leslie Yapi
Maria Marchione
Laura Maria Giuliani
Giorgio Borghes Aka Claudia F
Marco D’Annunzio
Francesca Bernardini
Maria Chiara Leoni
Rafel Senzacorona
Daniela Pisciotta
Marco Murrone

Elisa Del Prete
Annalaura Princiotto
Elettra Benedetto
Ylva & Linda
Waleska Lafitte
Angela Madonia
Ferdinand Rennie
Massimiliano Tufo
Garon x Duan
Lance Soliman
Alessandro Iannone
Martina Gaetano
Cassidy Civet

Fulvio Vasarri
Yana Gorbunova
Derek Conyer
Ginevra Bencivenga
Alessia Labate
Marta Mormone
Annalaura Princiotto
Sara Mascella
Jennifer Turri
Alex Ferro
Panagiotis Tsakalakos

Casting on 15th December 2021:

Leandro Pallozzi
Nico Calvano
Diego Federico
Matilde Pieri

Next set of the auditions will happen from 5th January 2022 till 11th January 2022. Only 18 will advance to academy.

Senhit represented San Marino at Eurovision 2021 with the song ”Adrenalina”

I am orginally from Latvia but now live in Ireland.I been Eurovison fan since 2006.My huge intrest is to travel,music and cooking. Currently studiying graphical design

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