Watch Tonight 26/01/2022 – Spain (“Benidorm Festival 2022” – Semifinal 1)

Tonight, Spain will start their national selection on the way to Eurovision 2022!

What to watch: “Benidorm Festival 2022” – Semifinal 1

Where: Live Stream on RTVE , YouTube, Youtube 2

When: Tonight from 22:40 till 23:55 (CET)

Format: 6 acts will perform and fight for 4 places in the Saturday’s Final

Voting: 25% public vote (via SMS), 25% demographic vote (350 people from different regions in Spain), 30% national jury, 20% international jury

The jury panel will be composed of:

2 international jurors: Felix Bergsson (head of the delegation of Iceland for Eurovision) and Marvin Dietmann (Austrian art director)

Felix Bergsson
Marvin Dietmann

3 national jurors: Natalia Calderon (Spanish Vocal coach), Estefania Garcia (Spanish mezzo-soprano of the RTVE Choir) and Miryam Blessed (Spanish choreographer)

Natalia Calderon
Estefania Garcia
Miryam Blessed

The competing acts of the show will be (based on running order)

  1. Varry Brava – Raffaella

2. Azucar Moreno – Postureo

3. Blanca Paloma – Secreto de Agua

4. Unique – Mejores

5. Tanxugueiras – Terra

6. Chanel – Slo Mo

The top 4 of the combined votes will advance to the final of the show!

You can watch our review in the following video:

You can also read Doron‘s written musical review of all the songs of the festival!

Which are your personal favourites to qualify to the final?

Who is your winner of Benidorm Festival 2022?

You’re welcome to read all about Eurovision 2022 on our homepage

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