Ukraine: National Broadcaster Will Discuss Alina Pash’s Participation at Eurovision 2022

Last Saturday, the singer Alina Pash won the Ukrainian selection “Vidbir 2022” with the song “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” (Тіні Забутих Предків).

However, it is uncertain she will represent the country at Eurovision 2022.

The Story Behind The Drama

In 2014, Crimea ( that previously has been under the control of Ukraine), was conquered by Russia.
One of the rules in Ukraine suggests that Ukrainian citizens are forbidden to reach Crimea by crossing the border from the Russian side.
That means, that flying to Crimea via Russia is forbidden by law.
However, it seems that Alina Pash has visited Crimea in 2015 while crossing the border from the Russian side.

Previously, Alina has supplied some documents that proove she had entered Crimea via the Ukrainan border. However, the broadcaster Suspline is checking whether these documents are real or fake.
In case the documents are fake, Alina won’t represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2022.
In this case, we will see another artists represeting the country or in the worst case: the country can even withdrwa from the contest (as happened in 2019!).

An official anonnucment will be made tomorrow.

You can read the official statement, as was published on Eurovision Ukraine Facebook page:

Tomorrow it will be known whether Alina Pash will represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2022.
After today’s events, NSTU Chairman Mykola Chernotytskyi wrote on his Facebook page that tomorrow at about 11 o’clock Public Broadcasting will receive a response from the SBGS regarding the violation of the border crossing with the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by singer Alina Pash. the winner of the National Selection 2022 was invited and the relevant decision was made.
In his letter, Mr. Mykola also added: “As the chairman of the board, I will appeal to law enforcement agencies to provide forged documents.
In my opinion, fraudsters cannot represent Ukraine at Eurovision”

Our fingers are crossed to see Alina represeting Ukraine at Eurovision 2022

Ukraine will participate in the first half of Eurovision 2022 semi-final 1 on May 10, 2022 and will move forward to the grand final on May 14, 2022 if qualify

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