Watch Tonight 04/03/2022: Live Shows From Germany, Serbia, and Montenegro

3 countries will take another step on their journey to Eurovision 2022.
2 of them will end up revealing or selecting their Eurovision 2022 entries

What: “Germany 12 Points” – Final

When: 21:00 – 22:30 CET

How to Watch?

Competing Artists and Songs:

  1. Malik Harris – “Rockstars
  2. Maël & Jonas – “I Swear To God
  3. Eros Atomus – “Alive
  4. Emily Roberts – “Soap
  5. Felicia Lu – “Anxiety
  6. Nico Suave & Team Liebe – “Hallo Welt

Format: The results will be determined by public voting (SMS, online and phone voting). Public radio voting opened on the 28th of February 2022. 50% of the results will be determined by the preliminary votes and 50% from the online votes during the show.

Additional Information: Barbara Schöneberger will host the show

The show will be held at Studio Berlin Adlershof

The show will include some special guests:

  • Conchita Wurst (Eurovision 2014, winner) – Austria
  • Jamala (Eurovision 2016, winner) – Ukraine
  • Jane Comerford (Eurovision 2006, lead singer of Texas Lightning) – Germany
  • Thomas HermannsGerman spokesperson at Eurovision 2005 – 2008
  • Bülent CeylanGerman comedian and Kabarett artist

You can find the full playlists here:

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What: “Pesma za Evroviziju ’22″ – Semi-Final 2

When: 21:00 – 00:00 CET

How to Watch?

Competing Artists and Songs: 18 artists will perform tonight in the following running order:

  1. Srđan Lazić – Tražim te
  2. Julijana Vincan – Istina i laži
  3. Marko Nikolić – Dođi da te volim
  4. Zoe Kida – Bejbi
  5. Orkestar Aleksandra Sofronijevića – Anđele moj 
  6. CHEGI & Braća Bluz Bend – Devojko sa plamenom u očima
  7. Euterpa – Nedostaješ
  8. Dušan Svilar – Samo ne reci da voliš 
  9. Ivana Vladović i Jovana Stanimirović – Prijaće ti
  10. Gift – Haos
  11. Zejna Murkić – Nema te
  12. Sara Jo – Muškarčina
  13. Marija Mirković – Požuri, požuri
  14. Rocher Etno Band – Hajde sad nek’ svak’ peva
  15. Vasco – Znaš li
  16. Tijana Dapčević – Ljubi, ljubi doveka
  17. Gramophonedzie – Počinjem da ludim
  18. Naiva – Skidam

Format: 36 artists will compete in the national selection. The selection consists of 3 shows: 2 semi-finals and final. 18 artists will perform in each one of the 2 semi-finals.
9 artists will qualify from each semi-final, based on 50% jury voting and 50% public vote.

Additional Information:

Dragana Kosjerina and Jovan Radomir will host the show with the help of Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popović in the green room

You can listen to all the songs participating on the contest’s playlist page


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What: “Montenegro, dodici punti” – Revealing of “Breathe” by Vladana

When: 21:15 CET

How to Watch? RTCG Live

Format: During a special show, Montengro‘s song for Eurovision 2022 will be revealed.
The show will feature some special guests:

  1. Andrea – The singer will represent North Macedonia at Eurovision 2022 with “Circles
  2. Knez – Represented Montenegro at Eurovision 2015
  3. Nina Zizic – Represented Montenegro at Eurovision 2013 (Together with Who See)
  4. Luka Vojvodić – The singer was part of the group who represented Montengro at Eurovision 2016 and part of the group who represented Serbia & Montengro at Eurovision 2005
  5. Tamara Vujačić – Part of the group D Mol who represented Montengro at Eurovision 2019

You can listen to 2 snippets from the song here:

Read all about Eurovision 2022 on our homepage

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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