Interview – Mia Dimšić: “Eurovision Was An Integral Part of My Musical Influences”

Just before rehearsals start in Turin, we have the chance to interview the talented singer-songwriter Mia Dimšić.
In February 2022, she won the national selection “Dora 2022” and therefore was chosen to represent Croatia with the song “Guilty Pleasure“.

Who is Mia Dimšić?

Mia is a 29 year old singer-songwriter.
So far, she ha released 3 studio albums, 2 of which topped the Croatian music charts.
6 of her singles ended as number 1 in the charts.
Her career started in 2014, when the band Džentlmeni invited her to accompany them on their tour in the US and Canada.

Mia, thank you for accepting our invitation for an interview.

Thanks for having me. I’m happy to be here.

#1. How have the last few days gone through? Tell us about your experience with the pre-parties.

I have had a really nice time at all of the pre-parties and it was so nice to meet all the other delegations and artists. I definitely made a couple of new friends and meeting the Eurovision crew and fans was also a very cool experience

#2. What led you to compete in the national selection “Dora 2022”?

I finally had a song in my drawer that I felt was right and authentic to me at the moment so I didn’t want to wait anymore. Sometimes you just have to throw yourself out there, risk it, and see what happens and I’m so glad I did.

#3. Have you imagined you will win the festival?

I visualized it a lot and had a strong sensation from the beginning that it was somehow right. I believe you attract what you focus on, but still, the biggest challenge was just releasing the expectations and saying to myself: “Whatever happens, I already won because I had a powerful new experience and moved out of my comfort zone.” I believe that attitude was what brought me a good result in the end

#4. Can you tell us how the song “Guilty Pleasure” was created? Have the lyrics or the melody come first?

For me, the melody always comes first, but I always have lyrical drafts shaped in the form of prose or free verse, more like a stream of consciousness about whatever’s on my mind. When I come up with a melody, I scroll through those notes and find a topic that I feel would go with that melody. The writing of a song is never the same twice, that’s what makes the process magical. There are absolutely no fixed rules and anything can happen.

#5. What’s the message behind your song?

Guilty pleasure” talks about a situation when you start falling for someone else while in a relationship. At least that’s what it was for me when I came up with it, but of course it can be anything for anyone. I love when people connect with a song and make their own narratives.

#6. Recently, we watched the Croatian version of your song – “Netko drugi” (Eng: Someone else). What was the reason you chose to perform the English version in Eurovision?

Because it’s the original and it just feels more right as such. Also, since it’s a song based on storytelling, I want the audience world-wide to be able to understand what I’m narrating.

#7. We know that you are planning changes to the staging regarding the one presented on “Dora”. What will be the main changes?

More people on stage and more colour.

#8. You’ve written an autobiographical book “Cesta do sna” (The way to dream). Can you tell our readers a little about it?

I got an offer from a publisher to write a book about my life and career in 2020 when the whole music industry was on pause so I felt it was the perfect timing. Also, the offer came out of the blue after I was repeatedly saying to my friends how I simply know that I will write a book one day, so I knew it wasn’t a coincidence. It was an outer confirmation of my heart’s desire. I am very proud of that book and I enjoyed writing it so much. I definitely want to repeat that experience someday.

#9. So far, you’ve released 3 studio albums. Two of them peaked at number 1 on the Croatian charts. What are your next destinations?

My next big wish is to release an album in English so Eurovision also happened at a perfect time. Most of the songs are ready, so I hope I get to record them by the end of this year.

#10. Will your upcoming songs be in English or Croatian?

Both. I want to start singing in English more, but I will still keep on releasing songs in my mother tongue.

#11. Name 3 artists that you believe inspired you the most as a singer-songwriter today, and explain why.

Taylor Swift – her storytelling and relatable lyrics are a true mastery.

Ed Sheeran – everything he performs seems so simple and raw, but it is anything but simple. That’s art to me.

Dua Lipa – her work ethic and iconic attitude is so inspirational.

#12. Which songs that compete at Eurovision 2022 do you like the best?

It’s really hard to pick, but one of my favorites at the moment are Italy, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands.

#13. Do you watch Eurovision? If so, since when?

Since I was a little kid, I can’t even tell the exact year anymore. It was an integral part of my musical influences growing up.

#14. What’s your favorite non-Croatian Eurovision song?

My top 3 are:

#15. What’s your favorite Croatian Eurovision song?

Ostani” (Kada zaspu anđeli) by Goran Karan. This was the Croatian entry for Eurovision 2000.

#16. What’s your favorite song that was included in the “Dora” festival but hasn’t won?

Pa šta” by Emina Arapović. it was part of Dora 2005

#17. What’s your message to ESCBEAT readers?

Thank you so much for supporting all of us Eurovision artists. I can’t wait to perform for you in Turin and hope that you will like what we’ve prepared for you.

Croatia will compete in the first semi-final on the 10th of May 2022.
The country was allocated to perform in the 11th position, after Portugal and before Denmark.
If Croatia qualifies, the country will compete in the grand final on the 14th of May 2022.

Let’s wish good luck to Mia at Eurovision 2022!

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Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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