Nicole Drops Her Comeback Single “Ich bin zurück” But Is It Possible We’ve Heard It Before?

Eurovision 1982 winner Nicole Seibert (AKA Nicole) is all set for her musical comeback.

40 years after her victory at the Eurovision Song contest which led to a super successful career and 5 years since her last album “12 punkte” was released (2017), the German singer has finally ready to strike again with brand new music.

Nicol’s new single “Ich bin zurück” (ENG: I’m back) is a disco-pop track written by Heinz Rudolf Kunze and composed by Jens Carstens. The video of the song about to be released later on today (7/22/2022) but the song already available to stream on all digital platforms.

Listening to the new track, we noticed a suspicious similarity on the chorus with another Eurovision Song Contest entry. Even though the lyrics of “Ich bin zurück” are fully sung in German, the chorus melody reminds, almost identical, the rhyme of Helena Paparizou 1st attempt at Eurovision back in 2001 with her duo project Antique. “(I Would) Die For You” came 3rd in the contest held in Denmark and is till date one of the most beloved Greek entries in the contest.

Nicole had covered many Eurovision songs during her career with the apex set when her last album “12 punkte” including Nicol’s cover versions of her favorite Eurovision entries was released. The question now being asked is the release of “Ich bin zurück” sets aim on the same target and continues the trend or the songs sounds alike totally by mistake.

What do you think? Have you noticed the similarities between the songs?

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