Watch Tonight: Albania Selects a Song And an Artist For Eurovision 2023 (“Festivali i Këngës 61” Final)


Albania will broadcast their national final for Eurovision 2023.
Tonight we will be able to watch the 4th night out of 4.


At 21:00 CET

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Arbana Osmani (presenter) – 39-year-old Albanian television presenter and radio personality. She is best known for hosting “The Big Brother Albania“.

Bojken Lako – One of the most established musicians and producers in Albania. He is well known for competing in “Festivali i Këngës” several times in the past. This year he will probably be the musical director of the festival. He is the creator of several successful music platforms for young people.

Shpetim Saraçi – A 52-year-old Albanian composer. He is considered a fan of the festival. Over the years, he has composed several soundtracks for movies.

Eraldo Rexho – An Albanian journalist in RTSH

Eduart Grishaj is a 33-year-old Albanian director, producer, and filmmaker. He is well known for being the director of “The Big Brother Albania

The Songs

21 artists qualified for the final.
The professional jury picked 5 out of the 10 newcomers to qualify for the final, alongside all the established artists who have guaranteed their spot in the final.

You can watch each performance by clicking on the song title:

  1. 2 Farm (Bandë muzikore) – Atomike (Eng: Atomic)
  2. Serxhio Hajdini Vështirë (Eng: Difficult)
  3. Gjergj Kaçinari – Dje (Eng: Yesterday)
  4. Alban Kondi & Lorela Karoshi Melodi (Eng: Melody)
  5. Vanesa Soni – Aroma jonë (Eng: Our Fragrance)
  6. Elsa Lila  Evita
  7. Franc Koruni – Në pritje (Eng: Waiting)
  8. Gent Hoxha – Ajër (Eng: Air)
  9. Petrit Çarkaxhiu Emri yt mirësi (Eng: Your name is kindness)
  10. Melodajna Mancaku Gjysma e zemrës sime (Eng: Half of my heart)
  11. Manjola Nallbani – Dua (Eng: I Want)
  12. Urban Band Në çdo hap (Eng: At every step)
  13. Erma Mici – Kozmosi i dashurisë (Eng: Cosmos of love)
  14. Enxhi Nasufi  Burrë (Eng: Man)
  15. Rovena Dilo Motit (Eng: Weather)
  16. Fifi (Filloreta Raçi) – Stop
  17. Rezearta Smaja N’Eden (Eng: In Eden)
  18. Evi Reçi Ma kthe (Eng: Give me back)
  19. Fabian Basha – Një gotë (Eng: A Glass)
  20. Albina and familja Kelmendi Duje (Eng: You Want)
  21. LYNX Nëse ke besim (Eng: If you believe)

And this is how the results of the final will be determined:

Public Vote

For the first time since 2016, the public will be involved in the festival’s results.
However, the public has had little weight on the results in the past.
This year, the Albanian representative for Eurovision will be selected by 100% public vote (via SMS).
Therefore, the public from Albania and Kosovo will decide who will represent Albania at Eurovision 2023

Professional Jury

The jury will determine the festival’s results and will grant the main awards:

  • 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place
  • 1st prize for the best-established artists
  • 1st prize for the best young artist and alternative bands

Note: The festival winner (awarded by jury) won’t necessarily be the Albanian representative for Eurovision 2023.

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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