Italy: “Festival Di Sanremo 2023” First Two Nights Split Announced

Last year host, Italy, is ready to kick off the famous Festival Di Sanremo 2023.

28 acts will participate in the road to represent Italy this year in Liverpool. The festival will take place between the 7-11 of February with the apex moment on Saturday final when a new winner will be crown. Once again the show will be hosted by Amadeus.

Today, a moment before the festival begin, the semi final splits (and running order rumored) was announced and this will be as follows:

Night 1 (February 7, 2023):

  1. Anna Oxa – Sali (Canto dell’anima)
  2. Gianmaria – Mostro
  3. Mr. Rain – Supereroi
  4. Marco Mengoni – Due vite
  5. Ariete – Mare di guai
  6. Ultimo – Alba
  7. Coma_Cose – L’addio
  8. Elodie – Due
  9. Leo Gassmann – Terzo cuore
  10. Cugini di Campagna – Lettera 22
  11. Gianluca Grignani – Quando ti manca il fiato
  12. Olly – Polvere
  13. Colla Zio – Non mi va
  14. Mara Sattei – Duemilaminuti

Night 2 (February 8, 2023):

  1. Will – Stupido
  2. Modà – Lasciami
  3. Sethu – Cause perse
  4. Articolo 31 – Un bel viaggio
  5. Lazza – Cenere
  6. Giorgia – Parole dette male
  7. Colapesce & Dimartino – Splash
  8. Shari – Egoista
  9. Madame – Il bene nel male
  10. Levante – Vivo
  11. Tananai – Tango
  12. Rosa Chemical – Made in Italy
  13. LDA – Se poi domani
  14. Paola & Chiara – Furore

All this will happen on this beautiful new “Sky” stage already revealed by RAI

Also being announced are the duets that the 28 acts will preform live during the 4th night of the festival

As always, the results of the festival will be determined by:

  • Public voting (SMS and televoting), The professional jury comprises 150 journalists from the web, radio, print, TV, and press room, and Demoscopic jury – composed of 300 people.
  • In the first 2 nights, the professional jury will vote. It will carry out its vote by dividing itself into three independent components: a third for TV and print media, a third for the radio, and a third for the web jury.
  • On the 3rd night, the vote will be composed of 50% of the public voting and 50% for the Demoscopic jury
  • The 4th night of the festival will be dedicated for covers for Italian and International songs which have been released between 1st of January 1960 and 31st of December 1999.
  • On the last 2 nights, the voting will be divided into three parts: 34% for the public voting, 33% for the professional jury, and 33% for the Demoscopic jury.

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