Who The Hell Is Edgar? Teya & Salena Release The Austrian Entry For Eurovision 2023

Austria has just released its song for Eurovision 2023: Teya & Salena will Perform the catchy pop song “Who the hell is Edgar?” and you can watch the video clip here:

Who are Teya & Salena?

Teya & Salena are the first female duo to compete for Austria at the contest. 22year old Viennese Teya and 24r year old Salena from Styria met each other two years ago when they participated in the ORF casting show Starmania 21.

Their song was selected internally by a selection committee orchestrated by ORF. A demo version of the song was leaked on Twitter a few months ago but the duo never commented on it and we can now hear it loud and clear the the crystal ball did foreseen what’s yet to come.

Who the hell is Edgar?” tells the story of Edgar Allan Poe. an American writer and literary critic in 1840’s well known for his poetry and short stories, many of them in the mystery genre and influenced by his specialization in cosmology and cryptography. The lyrics are about “what it feels like when a good song is created,” describes Salena. “Sometimes creativity rushes through you like you’re possessed by a ghost.” This is of course in a refrain to how the spirit of Edgar took over and guided them in success of writing the perfect song. one that will be catchy enough (Poe Poe Poe..) and might even for win a song contest. did someone said Eurovision?!

So what do you think of the Austrian entry for Liverpool?

Austria will compete in the second half of semi-final 2 at Eurovision 2023.

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