Hi-Ho Christmas Is Here

Christmas time is just around the corner and there is no better timing for a new Christmas song by Wiktoria. Last year the Swedish singer welcome the holiday with her "Not Just For Xmas" single and this time she's getting more personal revealing her wishes in "I Told Santa", a great Uptempo pop tune will fit perfect... Continue Reading →

Tijana Bogićević Goes Live

Serbian Tijana Bogićević celebrates these days the great success of her album "Čudo", that was released earlier this year, as she kicks off her expected live tour. The first concert will take place on December 16, 2018 at the Serbian National Pozor Theater in Novi Sad.  Tijana promises us a musical pleasure as she will play... Continue Reading →

Edsilia Rombley Isn’t Weak At All!

Dutch singer Edsilia Rombley releases a new single from her upcoming covers album "The Piano Ballads Volume 2". "Weak", the new single is a ballad version for "Skunk Anansie's" rock hit from 1995 and it's the 1st single from the full album about to be released soon with more piano ballad version covers for unforgettable... Continue Reading →

Eurovision 2019 Welcomes San-Marino

SMRTV approves this morning that San-Marino will join the biggest party in Europe for the 10th time! It is still early to know if we'll have another round of 1in360 their unique worldwide search for their Eurovision representative took place last year.  The broadcast will give us more details in the early future. With San... Continue Reading →

Eurovision 2017 Artists “Building Bridges”

"Building Bridges" 2015 Eurovision Song Contest theme is coming true these days. Only a few days ago we told you about "JOWST" and "Manel Navarro" releasing together "Roller Coaster Ride", and today another 2 artists from ESC 2017 join forces. This time "SunStroke Project" trio, who represented Moldova twice in the contest (2010,2017), Releases "Tocame" together... Continue Reading →

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