Will Australia participate the ESC 2019?

As from this morning there are rumors that Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) Managing Director “Michael Ebeid” answered “TV Tonight” to that question “100% yes”.

He also said that the broadcast doesn’t have  enough money to run a talent show style “The Voice” but they are for sure looking for to bring interesting different format with experienced artists.

Ebeid reveal that the broadcast scour the record companies for talented artists that can deal with the heavy pressure of representing the country live in front of millions of viewers and even though they were close to deal with universal last year they decided to go for the appropriate artist instead of the record company. that is the reason why all artists represented Australia ever since they joined the Eurovision was experienced talent show graduates signed by SONY.


If we consider that statement as official Australia is now country number 38 to join the biggest show in the world about to be aired all over the world from Israel, Tel-aviv this May.  More news about what SBS is planning for us will come in the up coming weeks, in the meantime we are looking forward for some statements from countries like Moldova, Russia, Italy, San-Marino and Armenia regarding their participation

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