“Hold Your Head Up” New Album 1st Single from “Anna Rossinelli”

Swiss singer “Anna Rossinelli” releases this week her brand new song “Hold Your Head Up” taken from her upcoming album “White Garden”

Her experience in the Eurovision song contest was in 2011. She flew to Düsseldorf after winning the national final (Die grosse Entscheidungs Showwith the song “In Love for a While”.  The song succeeds to qualify from the semi-final but finish last in the final night.

“Hold Your Head Up” is a sweet pop ballad filled with positive supporting lyrics that really assist this song to lift up. she sings:

“… Hold your head up / I still be your shoulder

If you feel down / you can lean on me…”

“White Garden” album sets to be released at 01/18/2019 and will have 11 new tracks:

1 – Eyes closed

2 – White Garden

3 – Hold your head up

4 – Union

5 – Jewellery

6 – Sing for Silence

7 – Feel it (Feat. Manuel Felder)

8 – Heroine

9 – Come Alone

10 – Run

11 – Two Hearts in my Chest


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