“Binele Meu” the new single & video by “The Humans”

The Romanian representative for Eurovision 2018 releases their first single after their ESC experience called “Binele meu (my good).

The song speaks about the complicated chaotic situation of us as humans when we are in the wrong relationship, how hard it is for us to break the cycle even though we see our partner’s negativity reflects and becomes our negativity.  all of those hard words followed by power-pop production and the beautiful soft vocals of  “Cristina Caramarcu” so the result is another great song for their repertoire.

“Goodbye” their entry for the Eurovision song contest in Lisbon showed us a darker protest side of “The Humans” but even though their performance was strong and super unique they were missing the 10th spot in the final as they finish the semi-final with 107 points, only 4 points behind Hungary

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