Dutch singer “Douwe Bob” that brrought the Netherlands the appreciated 11th place in  the 2016 Eurovision song contest releases this week his new single “Shine”.

Douwe who was pretty quite since his Eurovision experience releases “Shine” as a 1st The snip from his new album “The Shape I’m in” about to be released Nov. 9th.

“Shine” will be the opening track and will be followed by 11 new songs:

1 – shine

2 – The Shape I’m In

3 – Queen Of Hearts

4 – Out On The Road

5 – Let You Go

6 – Consider

7 – Make Believe

8 – Running Around

9 – I Do

10 – Fighting For

11 – Velvet Generation

12 – I’ll Be Here

As his PR for the new album kicks of hard Douwe also releases super impressive VideoClip for “Shine”.  In the video we can enjoy Douwe acting skills in front of the camera on a retro 80’s set and Rock n’ roll sounds. With that “Robbie Williams” bad-boy chick Douwe adjusted we can wait to see what the future is holding for him…

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