“Tijana Dapčević” goes for “Kilometri”

Macedonian singer “Tijana Dapčević” releases this week her new single “Kilometri (Translation: Kilometers)

As you remember in 2014 Tijana selected by the Macedonian Radio Television to represent Macedonia in the Eurovision song contest held in Denmark. Her pop entry “To the Sky” came 13th in the 2nd semi-final with 33 points and did not qualify to the grand final.

A while has passed since we’ve heard from her.  This week in her new single tells us about the miles (or Kilometers) she walked since her Eurovision experience.

“Kilometri” that was written by “Milan Miletić” and “Magdalena Cvetkoska Ena” is a beautiful Slavic pop ballad with hard Balkan motives.  This song previously releases earlier this year by “Lozano” (who also represented Macedonia in the Eurovision, in 2013, a year before Tijana).  The song could easily be a classic representative entry for future years contests but its better for us not to wait that long and to get that HOT-STUFF right now.



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