Ani Lorak’s “Dream”


The “Shady Lady” of Eurovision returns her new “Сон” (Dream)

Ani Lorak (or if we should use her backward real name “Karolina (Myroslavivna)) represented Ukraine in 2008 Eurovision song contest and came 2nd after Russian “Dima Bilan” the winner of that year.

Lorak’s career is sky hiking ever since her Eurovision experience.  As a former UN Goodwill Ambassador Lorak has been cited as one of the most powerful and influential women in Ukraine.  In 2009 the magazine “Focus” ranked her 41st in a top 100 of “most influential women in Ukraine” and in 2014 she reported the highest income of all singers in Ukraine.

This week Lorak releases her new single “Сон” which opens a new chapter in her creative life.  She corporate for the 1st time with sound-team 90210 group which brings the song completely new sound, woven from R’n’B rhythms and expressive pop music.  On the other hand, all those dreamy melodies of the songs followed by lyrics that tell us a disturbing story about female intuition, full of metaphors and mysterious hints.

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