LOBODA is a “SuperSTAR”

We all know the Ukrainian singer “Svetlana Loboda” is a one of a kind!

Her 12th spot at Eurovision 2009 with “Be My Valentine” was one of the most complicated performances in the ESC history!  Svetlana’s energies were all over the place and her dance moves on that wheel mechanism together with her roman dancers left us craving for more till now.

As Svetlana is one of the most successful artists in Ukraine, she keeps bringing us new tunes often followed with super unique videos like “Парень”, “Случайная” and  “Лети”.

Yes, we know its “Old News” but her latest single “SuperSTAR” released 3 months ago still buzzing around nonstop and we just couldn’t let it pass us by.  The song stayed a couple of weeks in Ukraine’s top20 and Svetlana keeps performing this song all in every media possible. last night she overwhelmed us as she performed “SuperSTAR” on the late-night show Вечерний Ургант, and you could judge for yourself.

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In case you didn’t saw the video clip of “SuperSTAR” please don’t miss it.  “Natella Krapivina” the director of the video did an outstanding job! Mis Loboda looks beautiful than ever, funny, colorful and surprising (when you’ll watch the video till the end you’ll know what we mean….)


We always say that good music stays forever, and we have a feeling “SuperSTAR” will follow Svetlana’s career for a long time.  In case you are lucky, and we’re jealous if so, you can catch her rocking the “crocus city hall” with her “SuperSTAR” full show at October 25, 26, and 28.




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