“Karma” The Anti-Bullying Anthem by “Yianna Terzi”

Greek representative for Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon “Yianna Terzi” returns with her new single “Karma”

Terzi wrote this song herself together with music producer “Teo Arkitekt” in order to forward the important message of the anti-bullying movement.

When Yianna talks about the songs she explains:  “Karma is not some magical force that punishes or rewards us. It’s just the result of our actions. The song is inspired by the behavior of people who are bullies”

“Karma” important message together with the mystery ethnic rhythm and the dark videoclip brings joy to our ears once again.  when listening to it for the first time we had a flashback of falling in love in her ESC entry “Oneiro Mou” from the first drum beat.  “Oneiro Mou” is still one of the rememberable songs of the 2018 contest despite the fact it finished 14th in the semi-final.

Looking at the cause-and-effect reaction from this song release, Yianna’s Karma should be staying with us for a long time inspiring us with her music.

“…Run.. run..
when your time is up
Can’t get away from drama
Run.. run
When your time is up
there’s no escape from Karma…”

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