“Never Born To Love” But We Doooo!

Swedish Mr. F@#king beautiful “Robin Bengtsson” is back!

After releasing last August his groovy hit “I Wanna Fall In Love Again”, Robin change direction, take a seat on his piano, and entering the Christmas mode to bring us “Never Born To Love” his new heat-malting ballad

“…Someday you could be the only one for me

but I was never born to love …”

“Never Born To Love” is a kind of song that if it would compete the Melodifestivalen it would go “direkt til finale” no doubt.  it enough to imagine a full dark stadium with thousands of phone lights waving at Robin in a Tux suit and a grand piano to understand Robin Nails it this time! (again)… Go Svergie!

In case you didn’t have enough, Robin also reveals there is a new video on the way (Probably to a different song) so keep posted..

In 2017 “Robin Bengtsson” and his entry “I Can’t Go On” won the Melodifestivalen, chosen to represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest in Kiyv and ranked 5th in the final.

You can find this beautiful ballad together with all the latest ESC related hits  in the Eurovision Related 2018 #playlist



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