Guy Sebastian Has Some Great News For Us, Among Them A New VideoClip

Guy Sebastian” who came 5th in 2015 Eurovision song contest singing “Tonight Again” will always remember as the first ever Australian representative for Eurovision.

This week the Australian singer has some great news for us!

First of all, he releases his new brilliant single”Before I Go”.  The song is a pop ballad full with heavy Gospel touches you can easily imagine a full church choir follows his soft vocals.  Guy also joins many artists this year in the fight against bullying.  watching the kid in the video pushed by 3 bad boys while listening to the song’s lyrics like “I’m stronger up against the ropes” delivers us the important message of the song, stay positive and never give up.

“…I am a fighter before this fight is over
You’ll know my name before I go…”

The second great news coming from Guy’s direction this week proves his road to success theory.  Following huge ESC artists like “Helena Paparizou” and “Sarit Hadad”, Guy will join the panel of coaches on the new season of  “The Voice AU” next to “Delta Goodrem”, “Kelly Rowland” and “Boy George” leading young artists on their first stage experience .

Listen now to “Before I Go” followed by all the latest ESC related singles in the Eurovision Related 2018 #playlist





Just one more thing before I go
Before I let you take the throne
You go right and I stay left
And if you ever get too close
You’ll know my name before I go
They love me then they love you now (Mmm)
But don’t forget there’s one more round (Mmm)
Oh, the pain, I know it well
But it hasn’t kept me down
You think you got me figured out

You thought you had me
You thought that I was done but
I’m stronger up against the ropes
I am a fighter before this fight is over
You’ll know my name before I go (Ooo)
You’ll know my name before I go
Just one more thing before I go (go)
Before the final curtains close
There’s no telling what comes next
These tired hands will show
You’ll know my name before you go
Just one more thing before the end
No, time has never been a friend
To the dreamer, to the lover
To the one who needs to win
Watch out cause here it comes
I say when I am done


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