Iveta Mukuchyan Reveals Her Secret In “Armenian Girls”


We believe that would be your reaction when you’ll hear Iveta Mukuchyan new single “Hayastani Aghchigner” (“Armenian Girls”) for the first time!

In the last few weeks, the Armenian singer works non-stop! besides performing live almost every night as you can see in her social media, her project “The Journey of a Woman” brought us 2 phenomenal videos “Margo” and “Rich Bitch“  and while we are looking for the 3rd part to complete the trilogy, Ivata reveals to us  another project she’s been working on “Armenian Girls”

The Lyrics for the song are a part of “Hayastani Aghjikner” poetry by Hovhannes Shiraz and the dance production over the traditional Armenian vibes is extremely addictive!

Iveta shares with us in the video what is her secret as an “Armenian girl”.  she explains the Armenian girls of today are modern, stylish, intelligent and a little crazy.   The presentation of the new project was taken place at The Alexander luxury hotel in Yerevan, and Marie Stepanyan, who has created the dresses, designed them according to how Iveta symbolizes today’s modern Armenian character.


Looking at the video directed by “Aren Bayadyan” in repeat brings us again to compare Iveta to Beyonce.  When we first compare the two in “Rich Bitch” it was for the music style and fashion. This time it looks like Beyonce & Jay-Z’s APESH*T videoclip finally came alive and got some colorful makeup and tones of Armenia chick!

Just imagine what would have happened if this song was sent to Eurovision….


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