Listen at Your Own Risk

In case you haven’t listened till now to ZOË‘s new single “C’est La Vie”,  be sure to do that ASAP!

Austrian Singer “Zoë Straub” remember to us all as ZOË represented Austria in Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm with her pop Chanson “Loin d’ici” finished 13th.

This week she releases “C’est La Vie”, her 3rd single ZOË to be released in 2018 after “Please come home” & “Heartbreaker”,  This time she’s back to French as we first got to know her and the song as you can guess by the name is super catchy sugar pop chanson. Obviously, Sugar is the best drug available, and ZOË delivers us here huge quantities will stay months!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you,  as written on this single’s labels, listening can cause you a 24/7 buzzing side effect and that feels great!!

Play “C’est La Vie” now  on Eurovision Related 2018  #playlist




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