1st Eurovision 2019 Artist Revealed: It’s Srubk for Armenia

3 days ago ARMTV, the Armenian broadcast, announced that they will replace their national final “Depi Evratesil”  with an internal selection in order to choose their representative for Eurovision 2019 that will reveal today during the TV show “‘Lav yereko'”

In case you follow #escbeat in the social media’s you’ve probably known about the chosen artist already but like everyone we’ve waited for the official statement too.


Today we can shouk out its offficial and Srbuk who will be flying the Armenian flag in Tel Aviv next May.

Following the announcement, AMPTV has opened public song submissions to find the best entry for “Srbuk”. The song should be submitted to selection@armtv.com before January 10, 2019 following this guidelines:

  • The submitted song should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • The submitted song should not have been published or publicly available before September 1, 2018.
  • the lyrics of the song should lack a political context, offensive expressions and any inappropriate language.
  • The submitted song should not be a propaganda of any organization or advertise any product
  • The submitted song can be in any genre, the lyrics (if available) should be in Armenian or English.

“Srbuk” (Srbuhi Sargsyan) is well known with competitions as she came 2nd in the first season of “X Factor Armenia” and also came 4th in the eighth season of “The Voice Ukraine”.

All of those preparations will bring “Srbuk” experienced than ever to the big satge of the Eurovision song contest in fron of milions of viewers worldwide!

Will she win the 1st place this time and make history bringing the Eurovision to Yerevan?  We’ll soon to find out as the Eurovision 2019 season begins right now…

In the meantime, you can enjoy her latest single came out this week “Half a Goddess:

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