RTVE, The Spanish broadcaster, has announced the results of their online voting to choose the songs for Eurovision Gala.

Over 190,000 votes were received in 2 weeks voting time.  17 1Min snippes were presented for the audience and the top3 ranked songs will qualify for the final Gala night.

RTVE special committee will select another 7 songs among the remaining 14 entries to make a total of 10 songs that will battle 1 golden ticket to Tel-Aviv.

In first position won ‘Muérdeme’, performed by María. The song composed by Juan Luis Suárez, David Feito, Victoria Riba, Nuria Azzouzi and Rosa Martínez.


The second favorite song in the web selection is the ballad “Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez” (Today I return to laugh again) preformed by Noelia.  The song composed by Jacobo Calderón and Álex Ubago.


And thirdly the urban pop song ‘La clave’ (The key) sang by Natalia. The song written by MercheAnder Pérez, Nuria Azzouzi and Rosa Martínez (these last two, also co-authors of “Muérdeme”).


Full studio version will be recorded and release after all 10 entries will be decided.

The full ranking of all 17 songs is as follows:

  1. María – “Muérdeme”
  2. Noelia – “Hoy vuelvo a reír otra vez”
  3. Natalia – “La clave”
  4. Famous – “No puedo más”
  5. Miki – “La venda”
  6. Alba Reche – “Qué será luego”
  7. Marilia – “Todo bien”
  8. Marta – “Vuelve”
  9. Natalia y Miki – “Nadie se salva”
  10. Sabela – “Hoy soñaré”
  11. Julia – “Qué quieres que haga”
  12. Carlos – “Se te nota”
  13. Damion – “Sale”
  14. Sabela – “Dímelo de frente”
  15. Carlos – “Nunca fui”
  16. Joan Garrido y Marilia – “A tu lado”
  17. Miki – “El equilibrio”


Do you have a favorite entry yet?

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