EuroDrama Vol.2: Tayanna is Out, Maruv Is In, And Semi-Final Allocations Of Vidbir 2019

As you all know, the Eurovision season is already live in full power but something is not going smoothly this year.

Only a week ago, we’ve reported that just like Dan Bittman withdrew from the Romanian national selection, so does 2006 Eurovision representative M I H A I  is withdrawing.  Today, another shocking news as one of the favorite artists to win Ukranian Vidbir 2019, Tayanna, remove herself from the contest.

Ukrainian singer Tayanna Reshetnyak  (Тетяна Михайлівна Решетняк) is well known to Eurovision fans as she performed twice in the Ukranian selection.  Her first entry to Vidbir “I Love You” tie the 1st place together with 2017 representative O.Torvald. and in 2018 she almost did it again, finish 2nd with the song Lelya.

In her Instagram profile, Tayanna explained in her decision saying:  Friends, greetings! I have an important message for you. Yesterday evening I adopted a very difficult but conscious decision. I will no longer participate in the National Eurovision Song Contest. I believe that it will be better for everyone. I hope you treat it with respect and appreciation. Sometimes the universe does not give something to something, not because you do not deserve it, but because you deserve something else. To confirm this, I feel that right now I have to make this choice. I’m sure there will be artists who did not get to the list of participants, but who need a ticket to Israel more than me. And over time, I still realized that the main competition in the life of a creative person is a competition with myself. It is possible to win a victory in it only under one condition – to be sincere and to have the power to make difficult decisions. I respect and love our whole team that believes in me and all this time did everything to achieve this ambitious goal. But I say no. Enough. At the moment, I’m immersed in what really captures me – recording a new album and preparing for a solo concert. I am grateful to all for support all this time. This is very important to me and it inspires me. I beat everyone with my music! Your Tayanna Load more comments

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Друзi, вітаю! Маю для вас важливе повідомлення. Вчора ввечері я прийняла дуже непросте, але усвідомлене для себе рішення. Бiльше я не братиму участь в Національному відборі на Євробачення. Вiрю, що так буде краще для всіх. Сподiваюсь, що ви поставитесь до цього з повагою та розумiнням. Iнодi всесвіт не дає тобi чогось не тому, що ти цього не заслуговуєш, а тому, що ти заслуговуєш чогось іншого. Аби це пiдтвердити, вiдчуваю, що саме зараз я маю зробити цей вибір. Я впевнена, що знайдуться артисти, які не потрапили до переліку учасників, але яким квиток до Ізраїлю потрібніше, ніж мені. А ще з часом, я все ж таки зрозуміла, що головне змагання в житті творчої людини – це змагання з собою. Отримати перемогу в ньому можна лише за однієї умови – бути щирим з собою та мати силу приймати непрості рішення. Я поважаю та люблю всю нашу команду, яка вірить в мене та весь цей час робила все, щоб ми досягнули цієї амбітної мети. Але я кажу Ні. Досить. Наразі я поринаю в те, що мене дiйсно захоплює – запис нового альбому та пiдготовка до сольного концерту. Я вдячна всім за підтримку весь цей час. Для мене це дуже важливо і саме це мене надихає. Своєю музикою обiймаю кожного! Ваша Tayanna.

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Even without saying it loud and clear it is pretty obvious Tayanna is not satisfied with the selection productions.  Almost every Eurovision fan noticed the fact that the organizers push their favorite to win KAZKA more than the other contestant and Tayanna decided she is internationally appreciated enough even without participating for the 3rd time, leaving the stage for newer artists still need that head-start stage.

We have come to a time where the international press and fans are more and more involved in the national selections across Europe.  3 big withdrawn statements in such a short time bring a huge question mark on the future of the song selection mechanisms for future years, and the local broadcast in each country will have an important challenge for 2020 season.

In the meantime,  the Ukranian broadcast UA:PBC was fast to respond and immediately draw back the attention to them and announcing the 16th artist replacing Tayanna, Maruv, that will sing one of the biggest hits of 2018 in ukraine “Drunk Groove”

On top of that UA:PBC announced earlier than expected the allocations for the 2 semi-final rounds before the grand final on February 23rd, 2019.

You can listen to the songs already have been released here 


Vidbir 2019 Semifinals allocations are as follows:

Semi-final 1 (February 9th, 2019):

P 19 UA – SF1 – 00 – The Hypnotunez – ?

P 19 UA – SF1 – 00 – Letay – ?

P 19 UA – SF1 – 00 – Vera Kekelia – ?

P 19 UA – SF1 – 00 – TseSho – Hate

P 19 UA – SF1 – 00 – YUKO – ?

P 19 UA – SF1 – 00 – MARUV ?

P 19 UA – SF1 – 00 – Brunettes Shoot Blondes – ?

P 19 UA – SF1 – 00 – BAHROMA – ?


Semi-final 2 (February 16h, 2019):

P 19 UA – SF2 – 00 – Ivan Navi – All For The Love

P 19 UA – SF2 – 00 – ANNA MARIA – My Road

P 19 UA – SF2 – 00 – KAZKA – ?

P 19 UA – SF2 – 00 – Kira Mazur – Dykhaty (Дихати)

P 19 UA – SF2 – 00 – LAUD – ?

P 19 UA – SF2 – 00 – Khayat – ?

P 19 UA – SF2 – 00 – Braii – ?

P 19 UA – SF2 – 00 – Freedom Jazz

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