Lake Malawi Wins The Czech Selection And Will Fly To Tel-Aviv

The Česká Televizeweill held today a special press conference revealing their public song selection for Eurovision 2019.

8 entries by young promising new artists were announced to the public and the decision combining an international jury and public voting has decided that Lake Malawi will sing “Friend of a Friend” as the Czech Republic entry for Tel- Aviv.

The indie-pop group from Třinec was formed in 2013 and consists of lead vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Albert Černý, bassist and keyboardist Jeroným Šubrt, and drummer Antonín Hrabal.  The band released one studio album “Surrounded by Light” in 2017.  Their Eurovision entry “Friend of a Friend” was written by Jan Steinsdoerfer, Maciej Mikolaj Trybulec and Albert Černý.

Lake Malawi won the jury votes and 2nd in the televote, losing the 1st place to Jakub Ondra “Space Sushi”

The contest full results were:


  1. Lake Malawi – Friend of a Friend – 22 Points
  2. Jakub Ondra – Space Sushi – 18 Points
  3. Pam Rabbit – Easy To Believe – 18 Points
  4. Barbora Mochowa – True Colors  – 18 Points
  5. Andrea Holá – Give Me A Hint  – 12 Points
  6. Tomáš Boček – Don’t Know Why – 9 Points
  7. Jara Vymer – On My Knees – 5 Points
  8. Hana Barbara – Poslední slova tobě – 5 Points



The Czech Republic will participate in the first half of Semifinal 1 on May 14th.  What do you think about the Czech entry?  #ShareYourThoughts and join #escbeat Facebook community.

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