Netta’s “Bassa Sababa” Reaches 1 Million Views In Less Than 24 Hours

In case you had doubt about the phenomenon called “Netta Barzilai” please have a reality check.

The young Israeli singer has Unleashed the Rhino releasing her new song after winning the Eurovision last May. it may take her some time, but when she’s finally doing it, she is full with confidence and goes all the way for the best results!

“Bassa Sabbaba” premiered yesterday was accepted by the audience with arms opened and a flood of posts on social media congrats Netta for her amazing new video. In an interview with the Israeli channel 2 news, Netta shared that the video cost her almost 250,000$ but she rathers to spend her money on making art on luxury life.

As you can see, it pays off.  the anticipated video reached more than 1M views in less than 24 hours! just to compare, another Eurovision 2018 icon, Mikolas Josef, released his new video yesterday “Abu Dhabi” that reached almost 300,000 Views till now.

“Bassa Sabbaba” was rumored as the song that Netta wanted to sing in the Eurovision instead of “TOY”.  Now, when you probably know already that song by heart, do you think “Bassa Sabbaba” could win the Eurovision for Israel?  Yes or No, Netta will perform the song in May as part of the interval acts of Eurovision Song Contest in Tel-Aviv.

BTW, Netta’s TOY Hype is far from being over. Her performance video on the French final “Destination Eurovision” reached 500,000 in a week too!

We can’t wait for the full album, What about you?


You can listen to “Bassa Sababa” on Escbeat Eurovision Related – February 2019 #playlist

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Call your mama
Tell her I’m a Rhino
My killer girls are coming
If you won’t hide you’re done
I’m gonna eat you

Um um um um um
Gonna beat you like a drum
Um um um
Gonna chew you like some gum
Um um um
Go and tell her who I am
Baby call your mom
Bam bam bam bam bam

Hold the trigger
My horn is bigger
I win
I love my thicker figure
I grew a thicker skin
I’m gonna eat you



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