Belarus: Listen To The 10 Finalists

Today the Belarusian broadcast BTRC held in Minsk the auditions for their national final in order to find their representative for Tel-Aviv.

BTRC received 113 songs submitted from 16 countries (Belarus, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Nigeria, and Israel. among the artists’ participants were M I H A I tried his luck in Belarus after he decided to withdraw from his homeland selection (Selecția Națională) and Daz Sampson represented the UK in 2006.

After a day of auditions in front of an experts committee, 10 entries were chosen for the final live show. the final running order draw will take place tomorrow morning.

Belarus 2019 finalists are:

  • P 19 BY – 00 – Michael Soul – Humanize
  • P 19 BY – 00 – PROvokatsiya (PROвокация) – Running Away From The Sun
  • P 19 BY – 00 – Eva Kogan (Ева Коган) – Run
  • P 19 BY – 00 – Sebastian Roos  – Never Getting Close
  • P 19 BY – 00 – ZENA (ЗЕНА) – Like It
  • P 19 BY – 00 – Aura (Аура) –  Čaravala (Чаравала)
  • P 19 BY – 00 –  (Эммануэль Имагбе) – Champion
  • P 19 BY – 00 – NAPOLI – Let It Go
  • P 19 BY – 00 – KeySi (КейСи) – No Love Lost
  • P 19 BY – 00 – Alyona Gorbachova (Алена Горбачева)– Can We Dream

You can Listen to the Songs HERE 


Belarus 2019 (Евровидение, Eurovision) Artists.png

This will be the 16th time Belarus participate in the Eurovision. Last year representative Alekseev lack to qualify for the final and his entry “Forever” finished the Eurovision journey ranked 16th in the semi-final.  Belarus will participate in the first half of semi-final 1 on May 14th, 2019.

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