This Story Is By Far The Biggest EuroDrama Of The season. Read What Maruv Have To Say About The Contract She Got From UA:PBC

Yesterday, Ukranian singer Anna Korsun, aka MARUV, won the national final in Ukraine Vidbir, but not like every winner, an official statement was out saying the honor to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision is still on hold.

All 6 acts performed yesterday was interrogated by the judge’s panel about their relationship with Russia and their political opinion about disputed territory of Crimea. The story took a sharp turn when the panelist and Eurovision winner Jamala, that won the contest with the most political song ever in Eurovision history “1944”, wanted to live test contestant’s loyalty for the Ukranian nation and demonstrate a “maybe” asked question for the chosen representative by the international media. with a straight forward attitude, Jamala asked Maruv: “Hi Maruv, welcome to Tel-Aviv, so, I have a very uncomfortable question to you, Crimea is Ukraine?  Maruv answered “of course” and got Jamala’s clapping happily, but thanks to Ron.K you can see Maruv’s terrifying reaction by this out of context question.  The night ends with Maruv wins the televote and getting 5 points from the jury which puts her 1 point about Freedom Jazz came 2nd.

The story continues right after the cameras shuts down and UA:PBC now need to approve the artist they select themselves and sign him on a huge contract with many restrictions.  in Maruv’s case, it’s even more unpleasant as she was called out to replace TAYANNA decided to withdraw from the contest (wondering if she knew about that in advance…)

The main issue now is can a performer who has a concert activity in Russia should represent Ukraine? Maruv got 24 hours from the winning to make her mind and decide whether she agrees to all the details and limitations as an artist on the contract, or passes the Eurovision dream.

Ever since Maruv won Vidbir, Ukraine is ranked 1st in all the polls to win Eurovision 2019 and the fans all over Europe are waiting patiently see her in Tel-Aviv.  In case she decides to accept the terms and win Eurovision, will this considered as a Ukranian/Russian victory as “siren song” signed and belongs to “Warner music Russia”


Confused Maruv shared a post a few minutes ago explaining her fans a little more of what is asked of her in order to represent the country.  moreover, she reveals her true debating about the future.   Read what she has to say:


The last 24 hours have been the most emotional in my life.
I have won an honest victory in the national preselection for the Eurovision-2019, receiving maximum support from the viewers and a high ball from the jury members. But now our victory with you want to take away.

I am ukrainka, love my country and proud to represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv at the international contest “Eurovision-2019” despite the fact that in a day I received proposals from three different countries to represent them. But my answer is categorical – I perform from Ukraine and no way else!

You probably have already heard about the contract between the participant from Ukraine and ntku, which should be signed today before lunch.
I’m ready to give up on performances in Russia. Live answered all the questions that the jury was interested in. I haven’t visited Crimea since 2014 I did not violate a single law of Ukraine. And also ready to take all the costs of participation in the international competition.

And now about the treaty itself, which requires me:
1. I am banned from any improvisation on the stage without the approval of the ntku. (inconsistent splits, for example, will lead to a fine of 2 MILLION UAH)
2. Immediate copyright transfer to a song belonging to the world Warner Warner Music (about these rights was known before the competition starts)
3. Clearly fulfill any requirements and indications of ntku. (in theory, I can be forced to dance at the birthday of some vice-Premiere, and in case of refusal, I will be fined and fined again to pay a fine of 2 MILLION UAH. Plus compensate for the alleged losses! )))))
4. Ban on communication with journalists without harmonization with ntku. (which completely violates the freedom of speech and human rights)
And There’s still a lot of things to do.
In Case of a violation of one of the points, a fine of 2 million uah and compensation of losses is still on the amount of

In return from ntku, I do not receive anything: neither a penny of financial support, nor assistance in the organization of the trip, nor, even more, international promo support. Even a visa i have to do by myself.
Although there are only a few points of responsibilities’s duties in the treaty:
1. Give me hints regarding the rules of the contest.
2. with the permission of ntku to take with you 10 people at your own expense.
3. Adhere to the terms of this treaty.

I feel the pressure! And I see obvious attempts to make me refuse to represent my country at the international contest “Eurovision-2019”.
I ask your support, support to the press and independent journalists who are not ready to perform someone’s order.


Do you want to see Maruv in Tel-Aviv?

What’s your opinion? an artist participating in the Eurovision should have the right for a worldwide career before and after the contest?

Up until when we’ll have Politics interfere Eurovision?

Will This Ukraine-Russia battle continue over Eurovision every year from now on? (remember Yuliya Samoylova case?)

Isn’t being a part of Eurovision means we are here to celebrate Unity above all?

#DareToDream and #ShareYourThought





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