Tamara Todevska Releases Her Eurovision Entry “Proud”

Tamara Todevska finally presented her Eurovision entry “Proud” together with the International women day mentioned today.

“Proud” is a powerful ballad about women that Tamara dedicated to her little girl, and was written by Darko Dimitrov, Robert Bibliov and Lazar Cvetkoski.

A few days ago, Tamara described on her Facebook page what’s behind her Eurovision entry saying: “My whole life tells me I’m not acting feminine, that I’m not good enough, that I’m moving and acting like a man. Put your head down, put on something sexy and no one will care what you say, they told me. For them, I was just another lost girl.  Therefore, on may 16th, I will sing for my daughter. I will sing for everyone who has been told to down their heads and follows the rules. On May 16th, we will bend the rules and at least one night of the year we will tell the world that I am proud of myself is always stronger than their you will never be good enough.

Tamara Todevska will be the first artist ever to represent Macedonia under the new name “North Macedonia”. Tamara is no stranger to Eurovision and represented the country 3 (!) times already.  her first appearance was on Istanbul 2014 doing backing vocals for Toše Proeski. 4 years later in 2008, she returned to the sage ina trio together with Vrčak and Adrian singing “Let Me Love You” ranked 10th in the semi-final but didn’t qualify to the final as the jury saved Charlotte Perrelli‘s “Hero”.  Her last time on the big stage was in Copenhagen 2014 backing “To the Sky” for Tijana.

What do you think of Tamara’s entry?

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