Eurovision 2019 Semi-Finals Running Order Announced

The big moment is soon to arrive as the Eurovision 2019 week will kick off in a month from now.

This week, after some security issues reported on the media were solved, the stage has been started to built up in Expo Tel-Aviv venue, almost all countries already shot their postcards, OGAE pools started to be revealed, and it is now time for the show producers to announce the full semifinals running order.

Its all about building a good show

The full running order was based on the semi-final allocations draw took place earlier this year for all 36 countries participating in the semis (including later to withdrawn country Ukraine). now, when the producers have the limitations of which song should be in each semi and on each part they brainstorm in order to create the best show flow that will stand out and as described by one of the producers, Swedish Christer Björkman, “it’s like creating a melody of a lot of melodies”

From the 6 remaining entries (the big 5 and the host country) only Israel spot in the final is known as traditionally the host country drawn the final position during the heads of delegation meeting.  on this year meeting,  2018 2nd place, Cyprus, head of delegation Evi Papamichael was the one to pull out ball no. 14 which means Israel will perform 14th in the Grand Final.  The big 5 positions in the final will be announced after all the semi-final qualifiers will be known

The running order was approved by Eurovision executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand and the chairperson of the Reference Group, Dr. Frank Dieter Freiling and 

Eurovision 2019 Semi-Final running order.jpg

The 1st semi final (May 14th)

  1. Cyprus
  2. Montenegro
  3. Finland
  4. Poland
  5. Slovenia
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Hungary
  8. Belarus
  9. Serbia
  10. Belgium
  11. Georgia
  12. Australia
  13. Iceland
  14. Estonia
  15. Portugal
  16. Greece
  17. San Marino

The 2st semi final (May 16th)

  1. Armenia
  2. Ireland
  3. Moldova
  4. Switzerland
  5. Latvia
  6. Romania
  7. Denmark
  8. Sweden
  9. Austria
  10. Croatia
  11. Malta
  12. Lithuania
  13. Russia
  14. Albania
  15. Norway
  16. The Netherlands
  17. North Macedonia


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