The Last Dance. MARUV Ends Her Journey On Ukranian “Dancing With The Stars”

MARUV danced tonight her last number on “Танці з зірками” dancefloor.

Six weeks ago, Ukranian singer MARUV was chosen to participate in the popular show “Танці з зірками”, the Ukranian version of  “Dancing with the stars”. MARUV and her partner JAY were one of the favorites to win the 6th season of the show. On tonight theme the couple was dancing the strip to the beat of MARUV’s hit Drunk Groove. Equipped with Gaga style platform shoes and a leatherlike custom and her kitty girls army the singer gave one of her best performances in the show. sadly, at the end of the evening, it was announced that MARUV and JAY are the 6th couple to leave the competition.





Together with MARUV started the journey on “Танці з зірками” another Vidbir artist, the singer TAYANNA.  TAYANNA was the 2nd candidate eliminated from the show.




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