Denmark: DR Revamps The “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” And Opens A Song Submission Window

The Danish broadcaster, DR, spices up the traditional national selection “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix” just before the 2020 season is about to start.

Looking at their neighbor’s in Sweden “P4 Näst” process, DR has decided to adopt the idea and light the viewer’s enthusiasm in advance.  Yesterday, the network revealed that 10 entries will battle this year for the honor to represent Denmark in Rotterdam. 7 of them will be selected by DR radio station “P4”, and the other 3 will receive their ticket to the final by the public. a special jury with representatives from each district of the radio will select 9 songs that will be revealed for the public early January. the top3 most ranked ones will complete the finalist line up of for the show.

DR has now opened a song submission window that remains open until Nov 1st. you can read the competitions’ regulations and send your own entry on DR’s landing page.

For the first time in more than 15 years, the Danish Melody Grand Prix will be held in the capital. Royal Arena, which can fit up to 16,00 viewers will host the show on Saturday, March 7th, 2020, at 20:00. You can purchase your tickets here

The 65th Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 12, Thursday 14 and Saturday 16 May 2020. 37 countries have been confirmed to take part in the contest so far.  you can follow all the updates on ESCBEAT’s Eurovision 2020 Homepage

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