Vincent Bueno Will Represent Austria

It’s official! ORF (The Austrian Broadcaster) has confirmed that Austria will be represented by Vincent Bueno in Eurovision 2020. Vincent will perform a song names “Alive

Vincent Bueno is an Austrian-born Filipino R&B singer who is based in Austria and the Philippines. He is 33 years old and rose to fame in 2008 when he won Musical! Die Show (Musical! The Show).

Vincent Bueno2.jpg

Vincent competed in the Austrian National Selection in 2016, where he performed the song “All We Need is That Love” and ended in 6th place.

Vincent was a backing vocalist of Nathan Trent that represented Austria in Eurovision 2017:

So far, Vincent has released 2 studio albums, here is a song from the latter of them:

The song “Alive” will be released probably in February 2020.


I live in Israel and watch Eurovision since the early 2000s. I work as a mathematician but have a big interest in singing, music, and writing

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