BEG! Netta’s New Hit Out Now

Eurovision 2018 Winner Netta Barzilai was released this morning her new single “BEG” in collaboration with Israel’s most successful male artist Omer Adam”.

This is not the first time the two create music together. both of them are staring these days at the Chanukka holiday show “OPEN UP” in Israel and join forces for the theme song of the show “Yesh Lanu At Ha’Koach” (ENG: we got the power) released last month.

Presenting the song in her Instagram profile Netta wrote: “Omer was begging for us to sing, I was begging to eat Lafa” (Mediterranean food) and signed the post with “Bon Appetit.” so we can now fullfil the hunger for her new music (or a good meal too.)

You can find “BEG” together with all the latest singles of the month in our monthly playlist here:




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