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Last Sunday, The first song of Eurovision 2020 has been chosen. It was the final of  “Festivali I Këngës 58” (The national selection of Albania for Eurovision 2020). The decision was made by 5 jurors: Christer Björkman (Sweden) Dimitris Kontopoulos (Greece), Felix Bergsson (Iceland), Mikaela Minga (Albania) and Rita Petro (Albania).

At the end of the evening, the announced winner was Arilena Ara who performed “Shaj” (Eng: Swear (bad word)). Arilena is considering revamping the song and translating it into English – “The Curse“.

Arilena Ara – Shaj (Eurovision Albania)

You can watch her live performance right here:

The 3 international jurors ranked Elvana Gjata as their favorite to win. However, the 2 Albanian jurors ranked Elvana Gjata too low for winning. Therefore, the summed up results led to Arilena‘s winning.

The full results (jury ranking) can be found here. Every juror has a set of 1-10,13,18 points to give the 12 acts:

festival i kenges 58 full results

The Albanian juror Mikaela Minga was interviewed by Albanian media and responded to the criticism that she got following her low ranking for Elvana‘s song: ““Me Tana” has gypsy and western influence. The song has nothing in common with Albanian music culture”.

Mikaela Minga and Elvana.jpg




The official promo of “Australia Decides 2020” has been published: “Who will wear the crown?“. The crown, of course, is a metaphor for winning but also represents the crown which has been worn by Kate Miller Heidke in Eurovision 2019:



Australia Decides 2020 - Collage

The national selection will include a jury show that won’t be broadcasting live and a live grand final show which will be available for live streaming. The grand final will be held on Saturday the 8th of February 2020.

I’d like to remind that Vanessa Amorosi has introduced a list of 10 optional songs for her entry in “Australia Decides 2020”. Nevertheless, the ones who acquired a physical copy of her new album – “Back To Love“, can enjoy 11 wonderful tracks and a bonus track. The bonus track is a teaser of a revamped version of her excellent song – “Lessons of Love” which I have already suspected to be her chosen song.

You can listen to the original version here:

You can listen to the preview of the revamped version here:

For those who haven’t come across the review of the album, you can read it right here




Last Monday, HRT (The Croatian Broadcaster) revealed the 16 competing acts (artists and songs titles) of Dora 2020.

Dora 2020 will include only one live show and will be held on Saturday the 29th of February 2020, at The Marino Cvetkovic Hall in Opatija

Like “Dora 2019”, the songs won’t be released before the national final show. However, snippets of the songs will be revealed during February 2020

Croatia 2020 (Dora, Eurovision) (

#1. Marin Jurić Čivro – Naivno (Eng: Naive)

Marin Jurić Čivro

#2. Elis Lovrić – Jušto (Eng: Just)

Elis Lovric

#3. Edi Abazi – Coming home

Edi Abazi

#4. Mia Negovetić – When it Comes to You

Mia Negovetic

#5. Colonia – Zidina (Eng: Wall)

Colonia new

#6. Zdenka Kovačiček – Love, Love, Love

Zdenka Kovacicek

#7. Lorenzo feat Dino Purić & Reper iz sobe – Vrati se iz Irske (Eng: Return From Ireland)

#8. Jure Brkljača – Hajde nazovi me! (Eng: Come Call Me)

Jure Brkljača

#9. Damir Kedžo – Divlji vjetre (Eng: Wild Winds)

Damir Kedžo

#10. Lorena Bućan – Drowning

Lorena Bućan

#11. Alen Vitasović & B. Matija Čerina – Da se ne zatare (Eng: Not To Get Old)

#12. Aklea Neon – Zovi ju mama (Eng: Call Her Mom)

Aklea Neon

#13. Indira – You Will Never Break My Heart


#14. Nikola Marjanović – Let’s forgive

Nikola Marjanović

#15. Đana – One

#16. Bojan Jambrošić – Više od riječi (Eng: More Than Words)

Bojan Jambrošić

In the beginning, Goran Karan (who represented Croatia in Eurovision 2000) was one of the 16 participants, but he decided to withdraw after Croatian media has revealed that the singer has already performed his intended song live in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2017. The back-up entry that entered to the line-up instead of him is Elis Lovrić

Goran Karan.jpg

Another 3 back-up entries for Dora 2020 will be:
1. Marcela Orosi – Let me Break Your Heart
2. Dino Petrić – Što si meni ti (Eng: “What You Are To Me”)
3. Singrlice – Zavičaj (Eng: “Homeland”)

: Among the participants, there are some familiar names and faces

#1. Lorena Bućan participated in “Dora 2019” when she performed “Tower of Babylon” and ended as the runner-up:

#2. Bojan Jambrosic competed last year in Dora 2019 as a part of a duet with Danijela Pintaric. They performed “Vrijeme Predaje” and ended in 9th place.

#3. Jure Brkljaca competed last year in “Dora 2019”. He performed “Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu”  and ended in 8th place.

#4. Indira was well known as the lead singer of The Dance Trio Colonia until 2015. Since then, she works as a solo singer. Indira and Colonia will face each other in “Dora 2020”.

Colonia (while Indira was their lead singer) competed in “Dora 1998” and ended in 4th place

#5. Zdenka Kovačiček competed in “Dora 2001” and ended in 12th place:

#6. Damir Kedžo auditioned for “Dora 2011”, but failed to qualify for the competition itself:




Last Saturday, the semi-final of “Georgian Idol” was held. The semi-final was actually the 6th live show of “Georgian Idol”. 5 candidates competed and only 4 of them qualified for the final. In the 5th time in a row, Tornike Kipiani ended in the first place with 31.88% of the votes. In the bottom 2 places were Mariam Gogiberidze and Davit Rusadze. At the end of the evening, Davit Rusadze was eliminated.

Barbara Samkharadze & Grigol Kipshidze performed a duet:

Davit Rusadze & Giorgi Pruidze performed a duet:

Tornike Kipiani & Liza Kalandadze performed a duet:

Mariam Gogiberidze & Giorgi Nakashidze performed a duet:

Tamar Kakalashvili & Oto Nemsadze (who represented Georgia in Eurovision 2019) performed a duet:

Therefore, the 4 finalists of the season were announced:

Georgian Idol 2020 - Finalists

From left to right: Mariam Gogiberidze, Tornike Kipiani, Tamar Kakalashvili, and Barbara Samkharadze.
The final will be held on Tuesday the 31th of December 2019. At the end of the show, Georgia’s representative for Eurovision 2020 will be picked. However, the song will be chosen internally.



The “Last Audition” level has started. 22 candidates out of 60, tried their luck.
Every candidate performed a song in front of the jury. Each juror has a power of 20% of the voting.
Candidates that achieved less than 60%, were automatically eliminated.
Candidates that achieved 100%, were immediately qualified for the live shows.
All the others were discussed later by jury (some of them qualified and some of them didn’t).
The candidates that have qualified for the next level this week are:

#1. Ohad Shragai (60%, was chosen to qualify by jury)
Ohad Shragai.

#2. Lali Kolishkin (100%)
Lali Kolishkin

#3. Gaya Shaki (80%, was chosen to qualify by jury)
Gaya Shaki.jpg

#4. Ela Lee Lahav (100%)
Ela Lee Lahav.jpg

#5. Or Amrami-Brokman (100%)
Or Amrami Brokman

#6. Raviv Kaner (100%)
Raviv Kaner.jpg

#7. Moran Aharoni (100%)
Moran Aharoni.jpg

#8. Hatavlinim (80%, were chosen by jury)

#9. Or Adi (60%, was chosen by jury)
Or Adi

#11. Avihu Pinchasov And The Rhythm Club (100%)
Avihu Pinchasov.jpg

Israel 2020 (Hakohav Haba, Eurovision) 300x300
Another 9 candidates will qualify for the “live shows” level on Saturday the 27th of December 2019 and on Sunday the 28th of December 2019.



On Monday, the 6th of January 2020, the “Sanremo 2020” candidates will be revealed. One of them will represent Italy in Eurovision 2020.



LTV (The Latvian Broadcaster) has received 126 songs for “Supernova 2020“. The broadcaster has shortlisted it to 28 optional songs. The songs were judged in the first round by the jury, listening only to the songs they submitted, without any information about the writers, singers, and composers.
Next week, the 28 selected songs will face another selection process. In January 2020, the selected songs for “Supernova 2020” will be uploaded to the Supernova Youtube channel.
At the moment, the format of “Supernova 2020” is still unknown. The existence of semi-finals is uncertain. However, the public may be involved in choosing semi-finalists.
Supernova 2020” final will be held on Saturday the 8th of February 2020.
At the moment there are 4 rumored artists to participate in “Supernova 2020“:

#1. Aivo Oskis who participated in “Supernova 2019” and finished in 8th place in the final.
Then, he performed “Somebody’s Got My Lover”:

He will probably perform his new song “Dive Deep

#2. Edgars Kreilis who participated in “Supernova 2018” and “Supernova 2019”

#3. Samanta Tīna who participated in the Latvian national selection in the years: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018. In the years 2012-2014, she has always finished in 2nd or 3rd place in the final.

This year, she will probably perform the wonderful song which its lyrics were written by Samanta Tīna and was composed by Aminata Savadogo (who represented Latvia in Eurovision 2015)

#4. Markus Riva who participated in “Supernova” every year since 2015 (5 times in a row)! Markus confirmed that he submitted a song. In “Supernova 2015” and “Supernova 2019,” he ended as a runner-up.



LRT (The Lithuanian Broadcaster) has received only 60 songs to the national selection of Eurovision 2020. 36 songs will take part in the competition.
The “Eurovizijos atranka 2020” competition will include 3 “Heat” levels, 2 semi-finals and final. The national selection will be hosted by 3 hosters. One of them will be Ieva Zasimauskaitė who represented Lithuania in Eurovision 2018 and ended in 12th place in the final.

Ieva Zasimauskaitė.jpg

The schedule and the format of the national selection will probably be:
“Heat 1” will be held on the 11th of January 2020. It will include 12 songs, 6 of them will qualify for the semi-finals.
“Heat 2” will be held on the 18th of January 2020. It will include 12 songs, 6 of them will qualify for the semi-finals.
“Heat 3” will be held on the 25th of January 2020. It will include 12 songs, 6 of them will qualify for the semi-finals.
Semi-final 1 will be held on the 1st of February 2020. It will include 9 songs, 4 of them will qualify for the final.
Semi-final 2 will be held on the 8th of February 2020. It will include 9 songs, 4 of them will qualify for the final.
The final of “Eurovizijos atranka 2020” will be held on the 15th of February 2020. At the end of the evening, Lithuania will choose a song and an artist for Eurovision 2020.

Like we have already mentioned in the previous post, the confirmed/potential participants (not all of them) are:

#1. Monique (Monika Pundziūtė) – “Make Me Human”
Monika Pundziūtė

#2. THE ROOP -?

#3. Tiramisu – “Release”

#4. Rūta Loop –?
Rūta Loop

#5. Aiste Pilvelyte -?
Aiste Pilvelyte.jpg

#6. Alen Chicco -?
Alen Chicco.jpg

#7. Twosome -?

#8. Ruslanas Kirilkinas -?
Ruslanas Kirilkinas .jpg

#9. Gabrielius Vagelis – “Be išimčių” (Eng: without exception) (?)
Gabrielius Vagelis

#10. Donata Virbilaitė – “Made The Wax”
Donata Virbilaitė.jpg

#11. Vitalijus Špokaitis – “Nemušk savęs” (Eng: “Don’t Kill Yourself)
Vitalijus Špokaitis.jpg

#12. Monika Marija -?
Monika Marija

#13. Aika – “Paradas” (Eng: parade)

#14. Kristina Radžiukynaitė – “Alligator”
Kristina Radžiukynaitė.jpg



TRM (The Moldovian Broadcaster) has decided that a national selection (“O Melodie Pentru Europa 2020“) will be held, even though earlier TRM had announced that they will choose a song and an artist internally.
The deadline for submitting songs is the 17th of January 2020. The short deadline will be challenging for singers, lyricists, and composers that weren’t prepared for national selection.




RTS (The Serbian Broadcaster) have received 90 songs for “Beovizija 2020”. Last year, the broadcaster has received fewer songs.





Tina Karol (Tetyana Hryhorivna Liberman) that represented Ukraine in Eurovision 2006 and ended in 7th place, will be a juror on “Vidbir 2020” together with Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko ( Verka Serduchka).

Another submitted song for “Vidbir 2020” has been leaked. 17 years old Elina Ivanschenko has submitted a song. She won “The Voice of Kids Ukraine” in 2016 and “Black Sea Games” (Ukrainian music competition) and was a finalist in the latest season of “X-Factor Ukraine”. Elina submitted an original song called “Get up” that she performed in the final of  “X-Factor Ukraine”. It is a power ballad where she shows her vocal abilities.
You can find the live version on the following Youtube video (song starts in 3:00):

Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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