Review: Belarus “Eurofest 2020”

At the beginning of January 2020, the Belarussian broadcaster BTRC  announced that the country will select an artist and a song for Eurovision 2020 via national selection.
On the 18th of January 2020, the broadcaster has revealed that 95 songs were submitted.
On the 27th of January 2020, 49 of the artists were invited to perform their songs in front of a professional jury. The jury picked 12 acts to advance for the national final.

On Friday, the 28th of February 2020, Belarus will hold the national final.
12 artists will compete for representing the country in Eurovision 2020.
The results of the show will be determined by 50% professional jury voting and 50% public voting.

In this post, I will review the 12 songs if the final line-up. I will present the songs by the planned running order of the show.

01 – NAPOLI – Dоn’t Let Me Down

Napoli Belarus

It’s a midtempo Pop with the style of the early 2000s music. There is a repeating beat along with the song that becomes an integral part of the song. In the verses, the singing is simple and basic. Therefore, Napoli doesn’t show her vocals abilities in the verses. The melody includes almost only one phrase “Don’t let me down”. In the last part, Napoli has a metallic sound and backing vocalists that are joining her singing.
As a singer, Napoli doesn’t prove she is strong and interesting enough. My problem is that I expected for a catchy song. Napoli shows her vocal abilities only toward the end of the song.

02 – Sasha Zakharik (Саша Захарик) – Rocky Road

Sasha Zakharik

It’s a mid-tempo ballad with influences of theatrical music and musicals. The melody in the verses is built on fast keyboard playing and an atmosphere of happiness. On the live audition, Sasha is smiling with good energy and self – confidence. The song has a holiday vibe, or actually Christmas vibe. In the chorus, she is calling us to join her or leave. In any case, she will choose her way. Afterward, she is getting the help of backing vocalists. The positive atmosphere continues. However, I would be glad to get a twist in the song. The chorus is good but too repetitive. An honorable mention should be given to  Sasha‘s voice and presence.


03 – Anastasia Malaškevič (Малашкевич Анастасия) – Invisible

Anastasia Malaškevič

It’s a dance-pop the being performed vocally in R&B style.  The verses are being sung in a fast singing and in the special color of the voice that Anastasia suggests.  The bridge before the chorus has an American- – Latin style. The rhythm was kept in the chorus. The chorus includes an instrumental section that appears in each line’s ending. The song is catchy thanks to its simplicity.  The advantage of the performance is the singer’s unique voice. I would improve the song by adding a dominant rhythm to some parts of the song.

04 – CHAKRAS – La-ley-la

CHAKRAS belarus

The song is opened in harmony with the 3 singers that perform without any lyrics. One of the singers has an operatic voice. There is an atmosphere of forest and nature in the song. After a long introduction, an electronic beat in entered. Thereafter, the singers continue their singing without any lyrics. The song is unique but the lack of fo words in it makes it almost impossible to connect with. In some way, the song becomes a vocals competition.

05 – Nastya Glamozda (Анастасия Гламозда) – Burning Again

Nastya Glamozda

It’s a piano ballad with dark motives. In the beginning, Natya is singing alone. Subsequently, her backing vocalists start to work. In the beginning, she performs the song with a gentle and soft voice that gains acceleration.  The chorus includes its own rhythm and it consists of a variety of musical instruments. The song has a logical structure and it’s exciting to me as a listener. With the right staging, it has the potential to be a grower and the right choice for Belarus.

06 – Anastasia Razvadovskaya (Анастасия Развадовская) – Hello

Anastasia Razvadovskaya

It’s a dance-pop song with the style of 1980s music. The sounds in the song rely on a diverse electronic production. My main problem was to understand the English lyrics. The public can love a retto entry. Her singing can belong to the would of soul music with some mannerisms. Towards the end, she is using a higher voice. There are a few seconds that backing vocalists are joining.


07 – Yan Yarosh (Ярош Ян) – Fire


The song starts with keyboards playing and a husky and low voice of the singer. It’s a classic singer-songwriter song. Yan has two backing vocalists that support his singing. An honorable mention should be given to the singer’s accent. The melody is basic but still successful in keeping us awake and interested. There is a game of low-high voices in the performance which creates an unpredictable layer in the song. The song is a little bit kitschy but it’s decent. There are moments where the song is heard like a theme song of a Romantic comedy in cinema.

08 – Angelika Pushnova – True Love

Angelika Pushnova

It’s an uptempo pop song. The song is modern, radio-friendly and contemporary. Angelika has a suitable voice for the genre and we can clearly understand the sung words. The melody starts with an acoustic guitar playing. The bridge includes a faster singing. The chorus is an uptempo country-pop piece. The singer hasn’t an extra-powerful voice. However, she uses her vocal abilities wisely. Towards the end, there is repeating od the chorus. To sum up, it’s a catchy song that can work with the right staging that will include dancing.


09 – Darya Hmelnitskaya (Дарья Хмельницкая) – On Fire

Darya Hmelnitskaya

It’s a soul dance-pop song. The melody is based on an electronic production. Therefore we can barely recognize the organic musical instruments. Considering the genre, the verses are too generic, while the chorus is more interesting. Nevertheless, Darya must work on her breathes (Samanta Tina would be a great solution) and she must be more accurate vocally. The style and arrangement are a little bit dated and it seems like the song was released in 2005. However, the production reflects a try to be modern. I would like to get a beat that will color the melody in a different light or just a melody changing in some points.

10 – AURA – Барані сваё


It’s a rock pop-folk song.  The song starts in a dark atmosphere with drums and guitar playing. The first verse explodes with an electric guitar playing. The chorus has more positive vibes. There are backing vocalists that join her singing. Thereafter, they will complete her singing. It’s another case of a dated song. In my opinion, the performance is good enough. On the live performance, she conquered the stage and showed suitable vocal abilities. Towards the end, there is an instrumental section that consists of bagpipe playing the precedes a powerful guitar playing. With the right polishing, the song can be effective and successful.


11 – КейСи – Chili Pepper


Noknok who’s there? It’s your “Fuego” influenced song here. The song starts with a rap section and club beats. Subsequently, the lead singer starts to sing. The genre is pop mixed with electro dance. The chorus is built on a modern and dominant electronic beat. The lines of the song are short and being cut by the beat. In the bridge, the beat is muted and we can finally hear the pure version of the singer and her backing vocalists singing. In the chorus, the beat is back again. Toward the end, the singer sings faster and her singing is characterized by a lot of breaths. I think that the rap section in the introduction is unnecessary.

12 – VAL – Da Vidna (Да вiдна)


It’s a Pop song with electronic production. The verses are opened with a gentle melody that based on keyboard playing. In the verses, we can sometimes hear backing vocalists.  The verses have a ballad character. From the bridge and afterward, the rhythm is built. The chorus is rhythmic and includes an electronic beat that will be included later on. The structure of the song is right: it isn’t uniform and therefore more interesting. On the live performance, they gave a good vocal performance.


My Personal Ranking

1– Nastya Glamozda – Burning Again
2 – Yan Yarosh – Fire
3 – КейСи – Chili Pepper
4 – VAL – Da Vidna
5 – NAPOLI – Dоn’t Let Me Down
6– AURA – Барані сваё
7– Angelika Pushnova – True Love
8– Sasha Zakharik – Rocky Road
9– Anastasia Razvadovskaya – Hello
10 – Anastasia Malaškevič – Invisible
11 – Darya Hmelnitskaya– On Fire
12 – CHAKRAS – La-ley-la




The full playlist (including eliminated acts) is available in different digital platforms



(first 12 songs are the finalists, the other 37 acts were eliminated)

Official Website


Doron Lahav is 28 years old guy who lives in Israel. Doron watches Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and also shows interest in singing and writing.

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