Albania: Arilena Ara Releases “Shaj” English Eurovision Version “Fall From The Sky”


Arilena Ara was the first artist the reveal her entry for the Eurovision song contest as she won the 58th edition of the Albanian “Festival i Këngës” with her song “Shaj”.

Ever since that exciting moment, Arilena was traveling the states and met the best producers in the world to deliver the best interpretation of the song before it hits Roterdam’s big stage.

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Earlier this week, Arilena teased the name of the new version “Fall From The Sky” alongside the cover version of the single. and finally, today, the Albanian singer revealed the result of the hard work for the first time! Please welcome Albania entry for ESC2020: “Fall From The Sky”


Words have cut me to the bone
And my heart is sinking like a stone
But I don’t let it show
Barely take another breath
Though I’m suffocating here alone
I’ll never let you know

Fall from the sky
Always making me hold back my wings
When I’m destined to fly
I’m screaming inside
You can crush and break down my walls
But my heart will survive

You have made me doubt my faith
Hide the truth behind another lie
But you won’t see me cry
I pray for you for all you’ve done
All the hurt that you leave in your wake It’s so hard not to break

You think I’m better without
A way to speak my mind
You think I don’t wanna shout
And that I’m terrified
Screaming inside
With nowhere to hide
You won’t let me flyyyyyyy..

Fall from the sky
As you hold back my wings
When I’m destined to fly

I’m screaming inside
Fall from the sky
Break down my walls
But I’m destined to fly


Albania Arilena - Fall From The Sky
Arilena Ara – “Fall From The Sky” Single Cover

Albania will participate in the second half of the second semi-final that will be held on Tuesday the 14ht of May 2020. You can listen to the songs revealed so far here :

Eurovision 2020 (Rotterdam, NL) #Playlist



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