Poland: Alicja Szemplińska Releases “Empires” Music Video


Alicja Szemplińska, The winner of the Polish national final “Szansa Na Sukces”, has released this morning the official music video for her Eurovision entry “Empires”.

Talking about the song message, Alicja answers: “‘Empires is an important song, not only for me, but also in terms of how we treat our planet Earth and life itself. We pose a threat to the planet. The song talks about the mechanism of destruction and difficult issues in our present world. People build empires, become obsessed with power and are distracted from what is really important. We spill oil into an ever-burning fire, which results in a huge catastrophe. But there is hope because we rise and fall…it is the circle of life but the question is “Why?” Do we have to repeat the same scenario all the time? We build and destroy. History repeats itself, unfortunately.” 

“Empires” video was directed by Dawid Ziemba and is available to watch here:

Poland will participate in the first half of the second semi-final that will be held on Tuesday the 14ht of May 2020. You can listen to the songs revealed so far here :

Eurovision 2020 (Rotterdam, NL) #Playlist



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