France: Listen To “Mon Alliée”, Tom Leeb’s New Revamped Version For Eurovision2020


The French representative for the 65th Eurovision Song Contest Tom Leeb has released a new revamped version of his ESC entry “The Best In Me”.

A few weeks ago, Tom was selected internally by the French broadcaster to raise the its flag in Rotterdam. the song was premiered in a special performance of the singer on Paris’s most romantic place, the Eiffel tower. Tom did maximize that performance turned it into a beautiful touching music video,  but in case we thought that we’ve reached the peak, well, Tom’s got another surprise for us.

Today, it was revealed that the song had a new version under the name “Mon Alliée”. Yes, you’ve guessed right, more French language added!  the song’s melody in the new version stayed similar in most parts but the lyrics are now bilingual in French and English which adds the song that Chanson dimension that was missing in the first version released.

It is still not confirmed if that’s the version that Tom will sing on stage (it even sounds like it’s a demo version) but the potential here is huge!  “Mon Alliée” is available to listen here:

As a part of the Big5, France will participate automatically in the grand final that will take place on Tuesday the 16ht of May 2020.  You can listen to the songs revealed so far here :

Eurovision 2020 (Rotterdam, NL) #Playlist



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