Listen to The Revamped Version of “Feker Libi” (Israel 2020)


Last week, Israel held the selection show for Eurovision 2020.
The chosen artist is Eden Alene who won the last season of “Hacochav Haba La’Eurovision 2020″ (“The Rising Star).
In the national final, 4 sons were performed and the chosen song was “Feker Libi” (Eng: “The Love Of My Heart)

Eden Alene Feker Libi

You can watch the original version and the live performance right here:


The revamped version was published by unofficial sources. However, it was confirmed by the Israeli broadcaster

What are the main changes?

In the beginning, flute playing was added. The first bridge includes some drums and clap effect. The production in the chorus includes a synthesizer. In the ending, the backing vocalists sing without Eden which hints she may dance in that part.


You can listen to the revamped version right here:




Israel will perform in the second half of Semi-Final 1 on May 12th.

I live in Israel and watch Eurovision since the early 2000s. I work as a mathematician but have a big interest in singing, music, and writing

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