EBU Gives An Official Announcement Regarding The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 And COVID-19

The EBU held a special meeting today Regarding the (COVID-19) epidemic and the new behavior regulations all around the world. At the end of the meeting, the following statement was announced: we know you are anxiously waiting news about the future of this year’s Eurovision song contest. with a constantly changing situation regarding coronavirus and the large number of people to consult every important element needs to be taken into consideration. Please bear with us. We hope to have more information shortly.

There are many rumors on social media mentioning that the contest will take place on a later date and some mentioning the contest will be canceled this year. for now, nothing is officially decided and we will keep tracking the latest updates. meanwhile, the promo parties across Europe, such as Amsterdam “Eurovision in Concert” and “Israel Calling” cancellation was approved.

One thing is for sure, The Eurovision 2020 music is here to stay for good! and is available to listen here :

Eurovision 2020 (Rotterdam, NL) #Playlist



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