Tom Leeb Releases “Mon Alliée (The Best In Me)” Single and Music Video


The French representative for the canceled Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Tom Leeb has decided to release the French version of his entry “The Best In Me”.

The French Version called  “Mon Alliée” (My ally) regrading to known sources is the version the Tom was about to perform on Rotterdam’s stage. thew new revamped sounds like an acoustic feel that sounded so authentic in some part as if it was recorded live. the biggest change in the version is the fact that the lyrics are now bilingual in French and English which transforms the song into a classic Chanson. and a good one that you will probably want to hear on the radio.  A Demo of this version was released on YouTube a few weeks ago but was removed to copyrights issues.

The new version is followed with a new music video you can watch HERE:

For the moments these lines are written, France hasn’t announced its preparations for 2021. meaning, that the possibility we will meet Tom Leeb again, this time with a new song, on next year’s contest still exists. Would you like that to happen?

Eurovision 2020 (Rotterdam, NL) #Playlist



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