Watch Now: “Eurovision Home Concerts” Episode 1

Following the COVID-19 Pandemic and the hottest trend of live home shows started by the biggest artists worldwide, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced a series of home shows to be broadcast on the Eurovision official YouTube channel called “Eurovision Home Concerts”.

Every Friday (17:00 CET) a new episode of the show will be aired and will include a number of artists who previously participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, including the year 2020 that was canceled. Each singer will perform his Eurovision entry following special interpretations of Eurovision classics.

Today’s show guests are Rasmussen (Denmark 2018), Slavko Kalezić (Montenegro 2017), Ryan O’Shaughnessy (Ireland 2018), and Tamara Todevska (North Macedonia 2008, 2019)

Two of 2020 candidates will perform in the next episode of the show, Daði Freyr from Iceland and Montaigne From Australia

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