Italy: Festival di Sanremo 2021 Dates Announced

Even though the world is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and its still pretty far from being over, Italy which was one of the countries hit the most by the virus is looking ahead for the “day after”.

Earlier this month the Italian media have reported that one of Italy’s identifying mark “Festival di Sanremo” will be held later than usual. Generally, the festival is being held at the first week of February.

Today, the local press reported that the new dates have been chosen and mentioned that Sanremo Festival 2021 is currently scheduled for Tuesday 2nd to Saturday 6th for March 2021. that of course depends on the situation practicability and regulations. More to say, the festival formula will have no changes and will keep its essence values. “The festival is the triumph of Italian music, the only real occasion during the year to stop the whole national with new music” as quoted by the festival leaders.

It is still unknown whether Italy will choose “Sanremo 2021” as the mechanism of selecting a song and an artist for Eurovision 2021.

Although the festival is being used as the common mechanism for selecting the Italian act for Eurovision, it wasn’t the exclusive way. For example, in 2014 the singer Emma was internally selected by the broadcaster.

Another things officially confirmed is that the Italian TV and Radio presenter Amedeo Sebastiani will be once again involved in the show’s as the artistic director and will be its host too.

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