Lithuania: Pabandom iš Naujo! Semi Final Running Order has been revealed

Earlier today, Pabandom iš Naujo! semi final was recorded and we learned the running order ,the jury and interval act. 10 acts in semi final is going to try their luck to join The Roop in grand final on 6th of February 2021.Only 5 semi finalists will qualify to grand final.

Like in heats they have also a jury panel and semi final is not left without it. Semi Final judges are Ramūnas Zilnys, Aistė Smilgevičiūtė, Gerūta Griniūtė, Stanislavas Stavickis-Stano and Jievaras Jasinskis. As hosts like always are Ieva Stasiulevičiūtė and Vytautas Rumšas and green room host Vaidas Baumila.

First up in running order is band ‘Be U’ with song ‘Love Yourself’. Much like the first time there was also a lack of smiles, lively dances and good energy on the stage. After the performance, the band members themselves admitted that there were even more of them this time. Even when the last chords of the song, there were no smiles from the performance.

2nd in running order is Aistė Brokenleg with the song ‘Home’. The artist said that was constantly receiving remarks that she was different, revealed that those around her called ‘non-standard’. This is the non-standard number that appeared to the commission. She also said ‘I think that no matter how long it is, it will always look small to the developer’ .She also later added ‘I think my song is a little different than usual for Eurovison, it will sound different, but I am very happy that it has reached the hearts of the listeners’.

3rd in running order is coming veteran in national selection Gabrielius Vagelis with the song ‘My Guy‘. Last Saturday he fascinated both the jury and television viewers last Saturday. After summing up the votes of the audience and the members of the jury that evening, the performer was the second place of the night. Gabrielus decided to change his look for semi final. Now he will wear white cotton suit and removed the hat.

4th in running order is Voldemars Petersons with the song ‘Never Fall For You Again’. Voldemars returned to the stage with the same good mood, but made a number of changes in the performance like outfit, added some dance movements as well. After the performance Voldemars together the band assured that the success that had fallen after the first stage of the selection was a bit unexpected and he didn’t felt comfortable.

5th act of the night is Norbertas with the song ‘Man in Need’. Norbertas said to LRT.Lt that there was no lack excitement and after the filming, questions raised to his mind if did everything well. This time, Norbertas felt much confident. After the performance, he said he had radically changed his image, scenography and movements. Norbertas said ‘I chose looser clothes because last time the clothes hindered my movements’.

6th act of the night is going to be Evita Cololo with the song ‘Be paslapčių’.She returned on stage more calmer and more confident, her hands trembled with excitement even when she stepped off the stage. After performance Evita said ‘I couldn’t even sit still, I stood and waited for the voices. Although I assessed myself as self-critical, I was very happy when the jury responded to me so nicely’. Asked if she could improve the performance after the finals, Evita said she wanted to wait until Saturday ‘Let’s see what the jury will say, how the audience will vote, and then think about the colour of the lips next time’.

7th act of the night are cousin duet Titas & Benas with song ‘No’. This time there was no table on the stage, chairs were replaced by boxes and the guys changed their outfit. After the show, Titas and Benas revealed that the first time they saw their number on TV, they realized they could do better so this time they tried harder.

8th act of the night goes to Martyna Jezepčikaitė and she is preforming song ‘Thank you Very Much’. After performance Martyna revealed that she was lucky enough to preform the song again. ‘For the first time, there were a lot of mistakes that occurred due to excitement’ said the singer. This time Martyna appeared on stage with two dancers. Dancers and Martyna herself outfit was with playful butterflies.

9th act of night is Milita Daikerytė with the song ‘Shadows’. This time Milita decided not to change her outfit but entered stage together with two dancers.‘Beign with the team and feeling a solid back is bolder’ Milita said.

Last act of the night is Gebrasy with the song ‘Where’d you wanna go?’. After the performance he said ‘I am not used to such evaluation. But maybe it would be fun?’. The artist decided. to change a new angle and also new outfit. ‘If I make it to the finals, it will be my biggest gift and evaluation as perfomer’ Gebrasy said.

During the televote period we will see interval act from Evgenyos Redko who will perform number of acts.

Which of the semi finalists will move forward to grand final ?.Semi Final will be presented at 30th of January 2021 and you can watch on LRT website and LRT official YouTube channel.

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