Latvia: ”How to win Eurovision? Samanta Tina’s road to Rotterdam” Episode 3 review

Continuing the road to Rotterdam, Samanta Tina for past 2 weeks we seen how the potential song for Eurovison 2021 was made and outfit of the music video and Eurovison Stage.

In 3rd episode we saw insides of handpicking the songs submitted, how she recorded the song and we heard the formulas from past Eurovison alumni and related personalities of Eurovison.

Samanta Tina judging the demo versions of submitted entries

What we learned from this episode that song will be about women and women empowerment. ”We are queens” are one line from potential entry.

Women wearing their own crown

We seen also how Samanta is recoding the potential entry for Eurovison 2021.

We see the one of producers is Aminata who sang ”Love Injected” in Eurovison Song Contest 2015 and produced national selection songs and wrote ”Heartbeat” by Justs who represent Latvia in Eurovison Song Contest 2016.

According to Samanta Tina that next step we going to see ”making choreography and visual elements to staging for Eurovison”.

You can watch full episode here:

Episode 4 will be aired on 5th of March 2021 on LTV and at 20:00 CET

You can find all the relevant information at our Eurovision 2021 homepage:

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