Around The Continent 2021 – #18

“Around The Continent” is a series of posts where we will give you all the main news of the week.

Now we can finally tell that the EBU and Dutch broadcasters will continue to work under the assumption that the chosen scenario is scenario B.
According to the scenario, Eurovision 2021 will be held in Rotterdam with all the participants travelling to Rotterdam. The main concepts are:

#1. The number of people in each delegation will be reduced.
#2. Strict health and safety measures were defined in a special protocol.
#3. The number of journalists who can attend the event will also be capped at 500 with a further 1,000 able to cover the show in a new online press centre.
#4. People who will arrive in The Netherlands are recommended to be in quarentine for 5 days before arriving.
#5. People must test the negative for Covid-19, up to 72 hours before arriving in the host country.
#6. Artists, workers, delegations and more will be regularly tested during the period of presence.

The capacity of the audience will be decided later on, however each person will have to keep social distancing with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from each other.
Therefore hugging, kissing and dancing together won’t be allowed.

A new version (revamp) of “Karma” by Anxhela Peristeri was released. The song, which has been 3 minutes long, almost wasn’t shortened. Besides, the song remains in the language of Albanian.

The melody of the bridge doesn’t include any guitars, but wind instruments. The production can be described as more ethnic in some parts.
You can listen to the new version and watch the clip here:

Armenia has decided to withdraw from Eurovision 2021.
AMPTV’s official announcement:

“After careful and detailed discussions, the Public Television Company of Armenia has decided to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, considering the latest events, the shortness of production time as well as other objective reasons that make the proper participation of Armenia at ESC 2021 impossible.”

In fact, it is possible to assume that the country has withdrawn following the Nagorno-Karabakh war between Armenia and Azerbaijan that occurred betweeen 27 September 2020 to 10 November 2020. The situation probably led the country to economical problems.
In November 2020, the country decided to withdraw from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

Vincent Bueno will perform the song “Amen” at Eurovision 2021. The song is probably a ballad.
It will be released on the 10th of March 2021

Montaigne will sing the song “Technicolour” at Eurovision 2021:

Efendi will present her Eurovision 2021 song next week. Meanwhile, she promises us an unforgettable performance.

According to rumors, the song will be one of the upbeat ones – probably “Mata Hari“.

The Hooverphonic band will represent Belgium with the song “The Wrong Place“:

Victoria Georgieva will reveal the song for Eurovision 2021 on Wednesday the 10th of March 2021.
Victoria will host a concert where she will perform all of the songs live from the EP as well as her biggest hits.
At the end of the event, she will reveal her song for Rotterdam. The concert will air at 21:00 CET on BNT 1 and will be streamed online on and via Victoria’s official YouTube channel.

The singer presented 6 poetential songs for Eurovision 2021. 5 of them are included in her new EP “A Little Dramatic“:

  1. Ugly Cry
  2. Imaginary Friend
  3. Dive Into Unknown
  4. Phantom Pain
  5. The Funeral Song
  6. Growing Up Is Getting Old

You can read our full review of the songs by clinking on the image below:

Victoria gave an interview to BNT (the Bulgarian broadcaster)

The singer revealed the 3 preferred songs by Eurovision fans:
Imaginary Friend, The Funeral Song, Growing Up Is Getting Old

The song for Eurovision 2021 was chosen following feedback that team Bulgaria has received and the preferences of Victoria.

Last Saturday, the official video of “Tick-Tock” was published:

Denmark will hold a national selection show tonight – “Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2021“.
8 artists will compete in the national final:

  1. Chief 1 and Thomas Buttenschøn – Højt over skyerne
  2. Nanna Olivia – Hvileløse Hjerter
  3. The Cosmic Twins – Silver Bullet
  4. Claudia Campagnol – Abracadabra
  5. Mike Tramp – Everything is alright.
  6. Fyr & Flamme – Øve os på hinanden
  7. Emma Nicoline – Står lige her
  8. Jean Michel – Beautiful

The results will only be determined by public voting. It is likely we will have 2 rounds of voting.

The full playlist is available on different digital platforms:

Image result for spotify apple music youtube


Apple Music


Official Site

Meanwhile, you can read our full review of the songs by clicking on the image below:

This evening at 18:30 CET, Estonia will hold the final show of “Eesti Laul 2021” – the national selection for Eurovision 2021.
12 artists will compete in the following running order:

  1. Egert Milder – Free Again
  2. Suured Tüdrukud – Heaven’s Not That Far Tonight
  3. Hans Nayna – One By One
  4. Ivo Linna, Robert Linna, Supernova – Ma olen siin
  5. Karl Killing – Kiss Me
  6. Uku Suviste – The Lucky One
  7. Sissi – Time
  8. Jüri Pootsmann – Magus melanhoolia
  9. Redel – Tartu
  10. Koit Toome – We Could Have Been Beautiful
  11. Andrei Zevakin & Pluuto – Wingman
  12. Kadri Voorand – Energy

The results will be determined after 2 rounds of voting:
First Round – All 12 artists will perform, and the results will be determined by 50% jury voting and 50% public voting.
Second Round – Top 3 of the previous round will face a public voting round.

You can listen to the songs here:



Apple Music

You can read our review of “Eesti Laul 2021″ songs by clicking on the image:

Tornike Kipiani will sing a song called “You“ at Eurovision. The song is a mix of rock, pop-rock and blues-rock. Meanwhile, the lyrics of the entry are about the universal topic of love.

  • Tornike wrote and composed “You” himself. The Georgian star then arranged the song at Bravo Records Studios alongside Aleko Berdzenishvili. In addition to Tornike’s vocals, the Gori Girls’ Choir, Aleko BerdzenishviliMarian Shengelia and Mariko Lezhava also took part in the recording of the song.
  • The music video of “You” has been directed by Temo Kvirkvelia. Filming for the video took place in a number of different locations. Ballet dancer Mariam Aleksidze choreographed a dance specifically for the music video and her troupe will be featured in the video. The design of the dancers’ costumes was done by Keti Chkhikvadze.
  • Tornike’s stage performance at Eurovision 2021 will be directed by Emilia Sandquist – she was previously set to be the stage director for Tornike last year as well. Emilia is an international creative who has dreamed up successful performances in the past for Swedish artists at Melodifestivalen. She is also a member of the Jean Baptiste Group.
  • The song will be released in the middle of March (probably 12-15 of March).

Stefania’s song for Eurovision 2021 will be released on Wednesday the 10th of March 2021 at 16:00 CET.

Stefania Liberakakis will perform the song “Last Dance” for Greece at Eurovision 2021.
 The song is said to be a dance pip song in English. It will include an optimistic message: “This is not the last dance”. According to Stefania, the song has influences of Dua Lipa’s songs.

Eden Alene is working on a revamped version of the song “Set Me Free” with the creators of the song.
The new version comes following criticism the song has received from Israeli Eurovision fans. It will probably be published at the end of March 2021

Italy will hold tonight the 5th and last show of “Festival di Sanremo 2021“. 26 artists will compete and the winner will have the opportunity to represent the country at Eurovision 2021:

In the first round of the evening, all the 26 acts will perform their entries again this time for the public’s vote. then the results will be combined with the previous round votes and the three acts receiving the highest ranks will qualify for the second round of voting. there the winner will be determined by 33% press voting, 33% demoscopic jury, and 34% public televote

  • Arisa – Potevi fare di più
  • Colapesce & Dimartino – Musica leggerissima
  • Aiello – Ora
  • Francesca Michielin & Fedez – Chiamami per nome
  • Max Gazzè & La Trifluoperazina Monstery Band – Il farmacista
  • Noemi – Glicine
  • Madame – Voce
  • Måneskin – Ti piace così
  • Ghemon – Momento perfetto
  • Coma_Cose – Fiamme negli occhi
  • Annalisa – Dieci
  • Francesco Renga – Quando trovo te
  • Fasma – Parlami
  • Orietta Berti – Quando ti sei innamorato
  • Bugo – E invece sì
  • Gaia – Cuore amaro
  • Lo Stato Sociale – Combat Pop
  • Ermal Meta – Un milione di cose da dirti
  • Malika Ayane – Ti piaci così
  • Extraliscio feat. Davide Toffolo – Bianca luce nera
  • La Rappresentante di Lista – Amare
  • Random – Torno a te
  • Fulminacci – Santa Marinella
  • Willie Peyote – Mai dire mai (La locura)
  • Gio Evan – Arnica
  • Irama – La genesi del tuo colore

The full playlist can be found here:

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Official Site

The 4th episode of ”How To Win Eurovision” Samanta Tina’s Road to Rotterdam” was broadcast yesterday.
Samanta’s message behind her entry will be about female empowerment and ”We are Queens” message.
Samanta doesn’t want typical pop song with some twerking dance moves.

Background Design (Demo verison)
Floor Design (Demo version)

We also saw how the choregrophy of staging idea will look like but its not finished yet.

For more details, please read our post about : ”How To Win Eurovision?” Samanta Tina’s Road to Rotterdam”. Episode 4

The song will be revealed next Friday (12th of March 2021) night at 21:00 CET.

Density’s song for Eurovision 2021 is still unknown. Malta will probably be one of the last countries to reveal the song for Eurovision 2021.

It seems that the singer is getting ready for the performance:

Natalia Gordienko will perform the song “Sugar” at Eurovision 2021:

Vasil will release the song “Here I Stand” on Thursday the 11th of March 2021.
Meanwhile, you can listen to a snippet of the song:

Polish broadcaster TVP remains silent when it comes to Eurovision 2021.
It seems that there are several contenders to represent the country this year:

#1. Alicja Szemplińska – who should have represented Poland at Eurovision 2020.

#2. Donatan – He was part of the group that represented Poland at Eurovision 2014 together with Cleo. Donatan hinted in local media that he is interested in representing the country at Eurovision 2021

Donatan & Cleo - Poland - Copenhagen 2014 - Eurovision Song Contest

#3. Rafał Brzozowski – He was one of the hosts of Junior Eurovision 2020 and also competed in the national final in 2017 with the song “Sky Over Europe“.

Rafał Brzozowski – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Singer Krystian Ochman confirmed he isn’t interested in representing the country at Eurovision 2021.

Tonight, at 22:00, Portugal will hold the national final for Eurovision 2021 – “Festival da Canção 2021”. After 2 semi-finals, 10 artists remained in the race to represent the country at Eurovision 2021:

  1. Karetus & Romeu Bairos – Saudade
  2. Joana Alegre – Joana do mar
  3. Fábia Maia – Dia lindo
  4. Valéria – Na mais profunda saudade
  5. Carolina Deslandes – Por um triz.
  6. NEEV – Dancing in the Stars
  7. Pedro Gonçalves – Não vou ficar
  8. Sara Afonso – Contramão
  10. The Black Mamba – Love Is on My Side

The results will be determined by 50% public voting and 50% jury voting.

Our full review of the songs can be reached by clicking on the image

The full playlist can be found on different digital platforms:




Official Site

Roxen will sing the song “Amnesia” at Eurovision 2021:

The song was selected by a jury panel among 6 submitted songs.
One of the judges was Luminita Anghel, who represented the country at Eurovision 2005

Russia will select an artist and a song for Eurovision 2021 via a national selection show. It will be the first time that a Russian act will be chosen non-internally since 2012.
There is still no confirmation if Little Big is participating in the national selection. The national final will be held on Monday the 8th of March 2021

We know the national selection will public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist from multiple artists. Later, Channel 1 confirmed that multiple artists will have a chance to represent Russia at Eurovision 2021.

 Russian journalist and TV host Yana Churikova will be the host of the show. We also know that the interval act of national selection will be  Natalia Gordienko, who represents Moldova this year.

The following artists will probably take part in the selection:

Anton Belyaev
Egor Kreed
# 2Machi

However, Little Big band published the following video which hints that something will happen on the day of the national final:

Senhit‘s song for Eurovision 2021 will be released on Monday the 8th of March 2021.

The Hurricance band will perform the song “Loco Loco” at Eurovision 2021:

Ana Soklič will perform the song “Amen” at Eurovision 2021

Blas Cantó will release the official video clip of “Voy a Quedarme” on Monday the 8th of March 2021

According to RTVE, the premiere will be at 10:00 CET on Spanish TV

Tonight, Sweden will hold the “Andra Chansen” round (second chance).

The Eight acts performing tonight will battle in Four duels as follows:


  • Alvaro Estrella – Baila Baila
  • Lillasyster – Pretender


  • Frida Green – The silence
  • Paul Rey – The Missing Piece


  • Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – Rena Rama Ding Dong
  • Clara Klingenström – Behöver inte dig idag


  • Klara Hammarström – Beat Of Broken Hearts
  • Efraim Leo – Best Of Me

4 winners of “Andra Chansen” round will join the 8 known qualifiers:

  • Arvingarna– Tänker Inte Alls Gå Hem
  • Danny Saucedo – Dandi Dansa
  • Anton Ewald – New Religion
  • Dotter – Little Tot
  • Charlotte Perrelli – Still Young
  • Tusse – Voices
  • The Mamas – In The Middle
  • Eric Saade – Every Minute

Links to the digital platform playlist

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Official Site

The Swiss entry will be released on Wednesday the 10th of March 2021 at 16:00 CET!

About the Selection Process for Eurovision 2021

A total of 13 songs were created in songs-writing camp.
2. The songs have been produced in Switzerland and out of Switzerland.
3. Gjon recorded all 13 songs.
4. 100 people from the Swizz public and 20 international music experts judged the songs. They not only gave points to the songs, but also gave remarks on what can be improved in the production.
5. Their remarks were incorporated into the production and videos of live- performances were recorded.
6. The 2 jury panel judged the songs again.
7.The chosen song was co-written by Gjon’s Tears himself.
8. According to unofficial sources, the song will be in the French language.

Jeangu Macrooy will perform the song “Birth of a New Age” at Eurovision 2021:

Go_A song “Shum” will be released in a new version (revamp) alongside an official video-clip on Tuesday the 9th of March 2021. The new version will be 3 minutes long.

The British song for Eurovision 2021 will be released soon. According to unofficial sources, the song will be upbeat.
James Newman shares photos (probably of video-clip):

Doron Lahav is 30-year-old, who lives in Israel. Doron has been watching the Eurovision Song Contest since early 2000s. Doron works as a Data Scientist and shows interest in singing and writing.

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