LIVE Eurovision 2021 Day 2 Rehearsals review

Today we continue first rehearsals for Eurovision Song Contest 2021 for second half of semi final 1 will try the Eurovision stage for first time

Scheduled timetable for today’s rehearsals and meet and greet.

CountryTimePress Meet & Greet
Cyprus10:00 – 10:3011:55 – 12:15
Norway10:40 – 11:1012:35 – 12:55
Croatia11:20 – 11:5013:15 – 13:35
Belgium12:00 – 12:3013:55 – 14:15
Break12:30 – 13:40
Israel13:40 – 14:1015:35 – 15:55
Romania14:20 – 14:5016:15 – 16:35
Azerbijan15:00 – 15:3016:55 – 17:15
Break15:30 – 16:00
Ukraine16:00 – 16:3017:55 – 18:15
Malta16:40 – 17:1018:35 – 18:55

Elena Tsagrinou started on virtual red carpet. The Elena’s dress is silver-fringed dress and joined by 4 acts who wearing red ”devil” kind of outfit. with doubled mirror effect of dancers. The background is flashing black and white with some red scenes which is nostalgia hints of ”Fuego”. On bridge of the song the background its written ”El Diablo” with red block capital letters. During on last chorus we saw some fire balls pyro. At end looks like she walking away at background written ”El Diablo” with dark brown ”mud” capital letters. Vocally Elena was great for first rehearsal.

Elena Tsagrinou, Cyprus, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 9 May 2021

Tix stands in traditional stampede outfit with wings and white headband with shiny chains chained on his arms and legs. At first seconds the staging flickers blue lights and open up to all stage with dark blue lights. We see some smoke and ”fire ball” pyro. This staging is very similar to national selection staging but with different background which is clouds with straight forward light blue lights. At end we see golden lights with golden background with some clouds.


Albina starts alone in stage, with some neon pink and blue lights in background striking. Her outfit is diamond shinny dress. On 1st chorus she is joined by 4 males dancers. On 2nd part of song we see mirror effect of Albina which is flashback from Armenia 2016.On 2nd chorus pink neon dominates the stage. During the song they walk on smaller stage. On last part of the song we see some neon lighted lyrics like and at end small pyro comes up.


Its start up with Piano scene. Then we joined with Geike’s close up and then camera moves up to the band members on guitar, piano and drums. On the LED screen you can see the hand movements of the lead singer (taken in advance) and eyes staring in the dark and facial expressions. She is wearing a black dress that includes a collar with a little sparkle and black boots. The lighting is mostly blues and rest of band was wearing black suits. On last part we some flickering blue-white lights.


Eden Alene is joined by 5 male dancers dressed with white and black clothing. Background is futuristic blue and purple lines with middle ”Set Me Free”. On 2nd chorus we see Eden Alene futuristic neon lines. Very colourful overall the staging. At end we see dress reveal as black transparent dress. The theme of the staging is her braids. Vocally she is good and end we hear impressive whistles.

Eden Alene, Israel, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 9 May 2021

Roxen at first standing behind of group of back dancers. The stage is filled with smoke. Soon after she is middle of group dancers. The LED Screen is shadows of Roxen with dark blue and red smokes. It has some similarities of the music video when the group of dancers fallow her. Roxen is wearing the green hoodie. While the back dancers are wearing white tracksuits with black handprints. On last part we see see side with purple and pink effect. On the last scene there were a text which very likely was written ‘”For every shout that went unheard”.


Efendi is introduced with impressive vocals. She is wearing black shiny dress and joined by 4 female dancers. The LED screens are like Egyptian images with golden ball. Dominant colours are golden, pink, turquoise. On second chorus we see the snake faces in the golden ball. We are introduced some elements of fire. On build up to last part we see that golden ball explodes and turns into the eye.

Efendi, Azerbaijan, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 9 May 2021

Go_A main singer Kateryna is wearing black long dress with green ”moss” shoulder pads while other band members and 2 male dancers are wearing white and black uniform. The stage has imitation of white forest while Led screens during on first part of the song there is imitation of sun and light of the white square houses. then chorus parts are in black and white shadows , during the first chorus the screens were digital patters and on last chorus we see holographic robotic people running.

Go_A, Ukraine, First Rehearsal, Rotterdam Ahoy, 9 May 2021

Destiny starts with black and pink scene and then later on stage opens with Destiny and 4 female dancers wearing pink coloured dresses. During the chorus we see yellow bright background. During the non chorus there are like doors with red and pink lights .During she walks on digital neon lighted carpet. Most dominant colours are pink, red and yellow with abstractions of red and dark blue. At the last chorus we see ‘‘Fire wall” pyro .Vocally she nails every high note.


We are tuning in tomorrow as well with reviews, pictures and short snippets.

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